1. I

    Kinky India Classifieds - List of Spa & Massage Parlours for Femdom Experience in India

    Hello Guys, I am single and submissive from Chennai, India. Have been interested in Femdom and BDSM since i was a young school going kid. Had no luck so far since its difficult to find a real mistress or domme in India. Have had few experiences of foot worship and trampling in several Spa's...
  2. E

    Massage My Feet and Get Ignored

    This slave his hard at work massaging my stockinged-feet while I lounge in my throne wearing lingerie. I pay absolutely no attention to this pathetic slave. Playing on my phone and completely ignoring him. Now available from Elena De Luca Productions!
  3. X

    Feet fetish clips

    Wanna see feet massage, thumbs sucking visit here. TWO MUSCULAR GIRLS IN CLIP
  4. J

    Becoming a slave cum best friend

    Hi people, im back.. time to share HOW it all started off in my life. From my previous posts you already know I have A Best friend from college. She is really dominating, she just loves to boss around and have her ways with me and im really submissive in nature. At first i had NO idea she...
  5. slaveandy

    Barely Legal Mistress Saya's Stinky Foot Rub

    Young adults don't always care to do laundry often. It's no secret that some eighteen year old girls often wear the same socks for several days in a row without washing. This of course creates a putrid, cloying, vinegary scent that only post-pubecent teens can put out! Mistress Saya has been...
  6. M

    Feet massage-Quentin Tarantino

    Interview with Quentin Tarantino. The female interviewer gives him her feet for massage. Very nice!