1. P

    Cum Under My Pretty Shoes

    Do you know that I weigh only 40 kilograms? I am a tiny girl, as petite and petite can be...and yet look at me. I have big strong men willingly throwing themselves at my feet and under happily choosing to be under my complete control. What is it that makes me so irresistible? Is it my smoky dark...
  2. SAS_Jack

    Cum On My Feet HD - Mistress Jenna

    Hi Guys, Just uploaded a foot fetish clip to our clipstore - Gorgeous fitness model/mistress Jenna makes you worship her shoes, tights and feet as she instructs you to play with your cock. "Don't you DARE cum until i give you permission" she instructs...
  3. L

    Bondage Handjob

    Hi, I love to be tied up very securely and have my cock played with by my Lady. I'm not into rough stuff, abuse or pain, but I adore it when my Lady carries on playing with my cock after I have come. I love her laughing at my helpless wriggling and telling me will carry on for ages! Anyone out...
  4. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Sweet and Innocent in black sheer NOT

    A teaser for you Big Girl lovers Because I know you want to worship my ass! want more go here
  5. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Love BBWs In Uniform?

    Ok so I have A Hot Video Of me getting Dressed to go to work in My Nursing Uniform! it is a sexy Story where you watch me get dress from fishnet stockings to nursing cap, to lipstick and white coat. Of course then when I am already to go to work, the phone rings and alas I must stay home called...