1. MissMinaBBW

    Sponge Hand Job By Your Best Friends Mom

    Download Sponge Hand Job By Your Best Friends Mom 1920x1080 HD video at my clip sites: Clips4Sale Many Vids Want something a little bit more specific & personal? Custom high quality videos & pic sets are available. Email me at for rates & info on a...
  2. maxsgpin

    NEW VIDEO #144 : Mature strong aunt on weak Maid. PART 1

    “ LONGEST SCHOOLGIRLPINS” collection: Mature strong aunt on weak Maid. PART 1 Once again the BBW Mature Aunt need to fight and dominate another female. This time she tries to be alone at home with the weak...
  3. U

    Black Amazon Landlord

    Part 1: Joe rolled over in bed and groggily reached to the night stand to turn off his screeching alarm. He looked at his phone - 4 new text messages, all from the same sender, his increasingly impatient landlady Yolanda. Joe had been late paying rent last month and was behind a week this...
  4. maxsgpin


    New Video #092 TRIBUTE TO DÓMINA SEÑORA MARGARITA .This is a tribute to our beautiful Granny Mrs. Margarita. At the request of our customers we show you here at “SLOW MOTION” the best SCHOOLGIRLPIN, QUEENING and HUMILIATION moments achieved by Mrs. Margarita. ATTENTION: These scenes correspond...
  5. maxsgpin

    Videos of Matures and grannies CATFIGHT Sgpin

    Do you like long videos of MATURE LADIES AND GRANNIES CATFIGHTING until SCHOOLGIRLPIN humiliation? Check out Frank ! Enjoy matures combat !
  6. maxsgpin

    Splendid Granny Margarita schoolgirlpins in topless

    SPLÉNDID GRANNY MARGARITA CATFIGHTING AND DOMINATING IN TOPLESS See her in the video 041b into If you like fights between mature and granny women, hot ladies wanting to fight, if you...
  7. maxsgpin

    Three SGPIN studios for your pleasures !

    Dear friend and lover of MATURE and YOUNG SCHOOLGIRLPIN catfights, I've just complete three splendid Studios at CLIPS4SALE ! You can enjoy and gloat watching agressive mature dóminas and young shapely females catfighting until the SUPREME HUMILIATION: The SCHOOLGIRLPIN and QUEENING. I...
  8. M

    New mistress Emanuela. Mature ebony 60 years old.

    Tomorrow we will record our first work together. I am thrilled. And very excited.
  9. A

    Perfectly Legal: How to Own Your Very Own Male Slave And Get Away With It.

    The lastest Miranda Birch Newsletter: My latest story of female domination is called "Perfectly Legal. How to Own Your Very Own Male Slave And Get Away With It". The confessions of a mature BBW dominatrix. She tells how she enslaved a younger man -- and got away with it! Read how she...
  10. A

    The Soft Option

    Here is an excerpt from another Miranda Birch femdom tale, "The Soft Option". A young man caught defrauding his firm by his older female boss thinks he has chosen the soft option when she offers to deal with his crime herself rather than calling in the police. But all too soon he is forced...
  11. miami_fa


    Hello everyone... it's been a while since I've posted. Either way here is a quick story I wrote. I was originally adding a chapter on an interactive story but before I knew I had gone over the 10,000 character limit. I figured this was as good a place as any to post it, hope you all enjoy...
  12. D

    soles on throat

    Standing on his throat. I had cold feet after the shower. I asked my sub "please lay under my soles"! . While I was taking care of my hair, I put one foot on his throat, of course. Above my hair down the foot care. The 50yo mature goddess, so lovely but no mercy for men hope you like it...
  13. E

    Smothered In Tits and Eaten Alive

    Hey guys, Here are some pics from My latest Giantess Video Clip. I thought you might like them.
  14. I

    Mature Facesitting?

    I have searched and can not find that many mature facesitting pics other than the ones i saw on this forum........does anyone have any other ones they'd love to share....mature is a true punishment way to facesit it truley is
  15. G

    New Here, Looking for feet lickers to worship me

    Im the Girdlegoddess, New here and looking for slaves to worship me in the Vancouver area of B.C.Canada. Taking apointments for my surrey studio.