medical play

  1. AATBxxx

    An Unethical Examination - MEDICAL ANAL PLAY

    MISSROPER.COM presents... "An Unethical Examination" FEMALE DOMINATION - ANAL - BONDAGE MALE - STRAITJACKET - MEDICAL FETISH - ROLE PLAY Little did this patient know that a "routine prostate exam", would turn into him being held captive in a restrictive straitjacket; his legs spread wide in...
  2. JulieSimone

    Punished by Mistress Julie Sc 3 - Staples, Needles & An Orgasm?

    Punished By Mistress Julie Sc 3 Staples, Needles and an Orgasm? In Part 3, now that Julie is done w the slave's urethra She uses surgical staples to seal that hole shut. Then She keeps on going down his dick until all 35 staples have been used. Julie puts his chastity device back on...
  3. JulieSimone

    Punished by Mistress Julie Pt 2 - Saline Infusion & Sounding

    Punished by Mistress Julie Pt 2 - Saline Infusion and Urethral Sounds Mistress Julie Simone turns Her attention to the slave's cock and balls. His ass is plugged, Julie inserts a large needle into his ballsack and starts infusing it with 1 liter of saline. While his balls fill up, She uses...
  4. B

    The Blow-Up Doll Needs Love Too

    Michelle Lay the goofy nurse is gagging on doctor Aradia's dildo. Her gag joke"patient" blow up doll is being treated just like her. The doctor's making her perform what she wants done to herself on the blow up doll. Aradia has a strap-on that's pretty big and doing a great job, Michelle has a...
  5. B


    Patient Lexi Love has been comatose for days, and committed to the latex hospital. Dr. Anastasia Pierce examines her patient and finds only faint signs of life in Lexi's pussy. After Anastasia's examination, Lexi springs back to life, obviously in shock and not aware of her surroundings...
  6. B

    Bad Nurse

    Ariel X is a nurse at the latex hospital, where the staff typically dominates the patients. This time, however, Ariel has screwed up the paperwork and her name is on the patient list. Dr. Aradia has no time for excuses, and proceeds immediately with treatment, putting Ariel's nipples in clamps...
  7. B

    Breathe In, Breathe Out

    The gas mask equipped Doctor Natasha Sweet removes Krystal Summers nipple clamps. The impressions they leave indicate they were on rather tight. She prepares Krystals latex head with oil and fits her with a gas mask of her own. Natasha is going to apply breathing therapy - she connects the two...
  8. B

    Oral Fixation

    Mistress Natasha Sweet dons a pair of medical latex gloves and administers and oral examination to patient/slave Krystal Summers. She's mostly interested in how much she can fit in her mouth. To get a better view, she attaches a dental spreader to her mouth to widen her hole. Since Krystal's...
  9. M

    Dante Posh Rubber Domme Catheter Insertion Clip 1

    Just added this clip to our new members site at C4S Live! Ebony Goddess and Rubber Mistress Extraordinaire Dante Posh has some fun with slave -8 (negative 8) and a catheter. He is bound completely in plastic wrap, and wearing a ball gag. He can only moan as Dante administers with some thin...
  10. M

    Cast**ting Handjob

    Castrating Handjob This is part 4 Psycho Nurse Sandy Loves Cock&Ballbiting. Slave has been through a series of Torture- Cock&ballbiting, Steel rods shoved down his urthea, Elasterator released crushing his cords causing the balls to die, Needles shoved into his dying Balls. Now, I think every...
  11. M

    Mistress Sandy Simmers extreme CBT&Ballbusting

    :bananavic"UrUr BALLS MUST DIE This is part3 of Psycho Nurse Sandy Loves cock&Ballbiting Slave as had a urethra exam with my steel Sounds. I still have not released the elasterater just yet. I torture his cock and balls with my sharp teeth a bit. Now, ur balls Must Die. Time to say Goodbye to...
  12. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Cpr on Poor Face sat Victim

    Oh no what did I do to my poor slave! Face sat him till he lost consciousness! I get help fast! these images are from our video clip check out the video Here
  13. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Do we have Medical Fetish admirers in the

    Building? I added some Medical Fetish BBW Style Yes I also go by Nurse Vicki was a Nurse for 15 years, I also am sometimes the victim LOL ! So check them out here I also take request so please feel free to tell me! :devil:
  14. MistressRouge

    Leather Mistress & Recycled Catheter.

    Added to My ClipStore & Members Site :) Leather Mistress & Recycled Catheter. Mistress has her rubber slut TV kelly in her presence, strapped into place for a NEW MEDICAL ACTIVITY A CATHETERISATION. Mistress aplies some CBT bondage, utilising kelly's Prince Albert cock piercing, by...
  15. MistressRouge

    Rubber Nurse - Anal Clinic - Part One - Internal and Enema.

    Added to My Clips4sale Store & Members Site :) Rubber Nurse - Anal Clinic - Part One - Internal and Enema. Nurse Rubber has her patient Mr Patterson in her Anal Clinic. Her patient is complaining of constipation, and Nurse Rubber has just the treatment for him. First Rubber Nurse Roug'e...
  16. C

    Naughty Nurse and Castration Play

    I talk to men every day who think they’re real men. They dress in lipstick & fuck me pumps and call themselves men. Dane is one of those men. Those kind of men need to be castrated. Every time they drop their pants, they’ll realize, its a clitty between their legs, and they are definitely short...