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    Mini Muffins (the little lady) meets the BBW's videos

    New Videos on Mini Muffins meets the BBW Mean Girls These plus sized ladies are upset when their "mini" friend midget (66lbs 4ft tall) Mini Muffins gets spoiled & has everyone wrapped around her finger because of her tiny size. They decide it's time to show her who's boss and that she needs...
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    Are there any girls who would be willing to facesit a 3'9" man / have as a live in slave?
  4. S


    The Growth by Smother sitter Based on concepts in "Honey," by Wildstar. Chapter one: meeting William "Bill" Ames was wondering what the hell he was doing at the Livington bar. He had came here as part of a blind date, but the woman never show up. "How typical, " Bill thought to...
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    Tiny Tom

    this is part one to a tall amazon story i'm writing Tiny Tom PART 1 I was having a terrible week. I looked everywhere for a job, but no one wanted a man who stood about 2 feet tall”. Not only was I incredibly short, I was also pretty skinny at just 29 pounds. After my last interview, I...