1. NatalyaSadici

    BBC Fucked and Drained

    The following video is now available for purchase at BBC Fucked and Drained My rubber gimp has been forced to hold in a large butt plug for a while. I have him restrained and spread open eagerly waiting for My big black cock. It's been...
  2. slavepj1963

    Madame Catarina in Caning Till Milking is not Possible Chapters Three and Four Chapter THREE: The brutal caning continues with Madame Catarina pausing only briefly to test the hardness of the slave’s cock before deciding that more caning is needed. When the slave’s butt has been further reduced to a mass of welts and bruises he...
  3. J

    Cruel Mistresses UPDATES

    Here is a very cruel faceslapping and milking clip for you.
  4. P

    My Life Part 2

    As is often the case, their ardour blossomed anew on Sunday morning and it was early afternoon before I was released from my wooden prison. After a much-needed toilet visit, I served them both a meal in bed whilst I ate alone in the kitchen. Once they had finished and dressed, they both came...
  5. J

    Mom Dominates Sons Coach

    Stacey Ramirez is a big fan of her sons basketball team and tonight is the big game. She wants her son to win badly so she takes the other teams coach prisoner and has him hogcuffed in her living room. When he starts trying to get free she tickles him into submission but he still won't shut up...
  6. J

    Alexis Wants Answers

    Alexis is a special agent with a genetic research lab lab and her mission is to get the location of a package this guy has. Alexis has her prisoner bound for interrogation and begins to torture him for the answers she needs but he refuses to tell her anything, claiming he doesn't know what she...
  7. J

    Bitch Mistress Ruins his orgasm

    Bitch Mistress Tara enjoys ruining orgasms as you well know and today you get a special treat. Tara is going to tickle your balls, inner thighs and cock while milking you. Thats right you get to see the look in her eyes as she tickles you right through a massive orgasm and then she ruins it with...
  8. B

    Keeper of My Balls

    Once again I stand here with my hands clasp behind my head as the hot topical sun beats down upon my body. Stripped of any clothing, the sun shining on my balls causes them to hang low and ever so vulnerable. With my sac completely relaxed they show perfectly like two large walnuts in a thin...
  9. J

    Trample, Tickle and CBT Free Webcams

    Great news everyone Alexis Grace is scheduled for a live camshow tomorrow from 12:00 pm EST to around 4:00 depending on how fast the CBT/Tickling HJ and footworship FJ scenes go. There will even be a BJ in there somewhere. See Alexis Grace like you have never seen her before. Expect lots of...