mistress t

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    Mistress T - face-sitting / HOM smother

    . Enjoy the view as Mistress T taunts you, talks about her plans to destroy you.... and tries to figure out whether she should smother you into darkness using her elegant gloved hand, or her powerful pussy. From the clip Erotic Assassin: Fetish Ending...
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    Can masturbation really kill you?

    . It certainly can be if your instructor is Pussy Galore (played by Mistress T) -- And she's spiked your vodka martini with a does of DIE-agra... Yes, it's the conclusion of Mistress T's lethal face-sit from DIE-agra, part 1 -- the climax as it were -- Now online. Click here, or on the...
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    Pussy Galore - face-sitting assassin

    . Mistress T stars in what's likely to become a face-sitting classic, as Pussy Galore plots the death of James Bond while heartlessly offing a male victim under her beautiful ass.... While passionately kissing her lesbian paramour, Busty Galore. You can view the free YouTube trailer...