1. O

    Goddess Serena

    This is my mistress Goddess Serena who is a beautiful, refined, talented, elegant, cruel, ginantess. Check out her clips here https://iwantclips.com/store/7229/Gynarchy-Goddess . Her giantess clips cover many many subjects from height humiliation to vore.
  2. C

    Slave to her whim

    By now I was truly addicted to my mistress. The thought of her kept me aroused at night and when I was with her, I was slave to her every whim. I loved her dominating attitude but more than that, I loved her perfect body. Still, the thing that I coveted most was her beautiful ass. It was...
  3. Marc70

    She wants you to spoil her nylon feet (MISS IVY)

    Lady Ivy Insomnia lolls in bed and she wants you to spoil her nylon feet. Her gorgeous, long legs, her beautiful, slender feet. She drives you crazy with her scent. www.FOOTFETISHGOLD.com C4S: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/105244
  4. Marc70

    Watching her feet secretly ! :D :D (Fetishtainment.com)

    Watching her feet secretly ! www.FOOTFETISHGOLD.com (and www.SEXYSWEAT.com)
  5. A

    The REAL Reason They Lost the Cup - Hockey Punishment Femdom Mistress

    https://xhamster.com/videos/because-it-s-the-cup-hockey-spanking-femdom-punishment-9690615 I thought this group would truly appreciate this video that I made on the main stage of DomCon Los Angeles... you can also see the same clip over on my site too http://www.aliceinbondageland.com "Hockey...
  6. Marc70

    Do you like the special, sweaty, damp scent of female feet? WHICH of THESE ???

    Which of these pictures is your favorite? Do you like the special, sweaty, damp scent of female feet? Tell me, on which feet would you like to smell? www.FETISHTAINMENT.com. Pictures visit the Site www.FETISHTAINMENT.com Pictures
  7. Marc70

    Lick the Dirt LOSER! (Miss Isabelle) FETISHTAINMENT.com

    Lady Isabelle wants you to worship her dirty nike sneakers right now. Come closer slave and lick every inch of her filthy soles. You now lick the interstices of her shoeprofile.. then swallow the dirt and enjoy the taste. www.GIRLSANDFEET.com /// www.FOOTFETISHGOLD.com
  8. Marc70

    SNIFF my sweaty FUZZY SOCKS !!!

    Sweet lesbian Punk Jamie Kaate takes off her boots and places both smelly fuzzy socks on the slaves face. She orders him to breathe trough her stinky , brutal worn socks and he enjoy the sweaty of her feet. www.smellsocks.com and www.femdomgold.com (premium site)
  9. Marc70

    TINA Ds Heels and Feet!

    Miss Tina D shows off her Heels and bare feet! www.GIRLSANDFEET.com and www.FOOTFETISHGOLD.com www.GIRLSANDFEET.com and www.FOOTFETISHGOLD.com
  10. Marc70

    = DOC MARTENS Boots and bare sweaty FEET =

    Gothic Queen Absinthia shows off her special Doc Martens Boots and her bare feet! www.LOOKMYSHOES.com and www.FOOTFETISHGOLD.com (premium site) www.LOOKMYSHOES.com and www.FOOTFETISHGOLD.com (premium site)
  11. Marc70

    SOME PICS by FETISHTAINMENT.com --- click you favorite :D

    SOME PICS of FETISHTAINMENT.com www.FETISHTAINMENT.com Find your favorite
  12. Marc70

    SWEET EVANGELINAs FIRST TIMER! (Footworship Session)

    Sweet 21 yo MISS EVANGELINA enjoys her first footfetish session. She lets him kiss her shoes before she removes them and enjoy the feeling of a slave to her feet washing her bare soles with his tongue. www.FEMDOMGOLD.com and www.FEETANDFETISH.com www.FEMDOMGOLD.com and...
  13. X

    Scat Mistress in NY

    I'm looking for scat mistress near NYC area, for short duration. I'll be staying in Jersey city for few weeks, starting next week. Looking forward to serving you!
  14. Marc70

    ELEAS old SUMMER FLATS... full of dirt and SWEAT!

    Elias old summer flats .. filled with dirt and sweat from 4 years www.LOOKMYSHOES.com and www.FOOTFETISHGOLD.com www.LOOKMYSHOES.com and www.FOOTFETISHGOLD.com
  15. Marc70


    SOME Fetshtainment.com Impressions www.FETISHTAINMENT.com www.FETISHTAINMENT.com
  16. AATBxxx

    Simple Slave Task From Miss Roper...

    A simple slave task for the eager submissives who support MISSROPER.COM... Voting for AVN Favorite Indie Clip Star ends January 26th. I expect each and every individual who purchases my content & admires my skill and sensual sadism to vote for me daily by visiting...
  17. G

    Who is this mistress please ?

    Hello, I was cleaning my bookmarks and found this link to a filmed session i bookmarked long time ago, mainly strap-on action with some whipping. I searched for a while to find where did this video come from but could never find. I am still stunned seeing the way this goddess leads the session...
  18. G

    Femdom Videogames

    Hi there, I am looking for Femdom Videogames, where the player is put in the role of the slave / submissive! Compared to NSFW MILF Dating and Incest Games, I am having a hard time finding good content, that's why I'm asking for your help! I have found the Games of Darktoz.com so far and I...
  19. Marc70

    = A Footslave to Lady Samanthas adorable FEET =

    Lady Samantha orders a human footstool to remove her heels and to worship her smelly , warm pantyhose feet. She rubs her sweaty soles on his face and fucks his mouth with her feet covered in black nylons. www.NYLONWORSHIP.com and www.FEMDOMGOLD.com (daily updates) C4S...