1. fpminnyc

    The BBW Foot Fetish Model Collage Compliation

    The BBW Foot Fetish Model Collage & Compilation Some of my plus size, BBW & SSBBW fem friends & models... some you may have seen, others you may not have. Enjoy!
  2. slaveandy

    Question about finding BBW models/Dommes

    Hello all. I am in the process of designing a new clip site to launch on c4s and fetishcod that kind of goes with my current theme of my site in terms of activities, but swtich to featuring curvy and BBW models. However, I do not know of any media, like model mayhem, where one can easily search...
  3. B

    New Phoenix Foot Models, Kassandra and Katana. Photos included

    Foot lovers!! Say hello to our newest foot models>>>> Kassandra & Katana!! These 2 sexy foot models are now up on our site and ready for Az sessions. Visit our girls at