1. slavepj1963

    New Xmas Caning Movie from Madame Catarina

    Madame Catarina has just released the first part of her ‘festive’ movie. In this wonderful new whipping and Caning movie Madame Catarina has invited her Swiss slave for a nice Xmas afternoon in her dungeon: ‘I guess he expected some mulled wine, sweets and presents but NO-a slave always...
  2. slavepj1963

    Madame Catarina-New Movie out now

    New Movie- Nile Adventure with My Property slave pj ‪#‎ClipsOnTravel‬ ‪#‎Madame‬ Catarina In this amazing new movie shot entirely on location on the River Nile Madame Catarina decides to have some fun with her British Butler -slave pj. The movie is now available at C4S here. See More
  3. S

    Help for identifying a movie - Bald Detective facesitted to death by handcuffed girl

    Around 2004 I was watching TV (I'm italian) when I stumbled across an erotic thriller movie. The plot is not very clear to me 'cause I was unable to watch the whole movie, but I think it was about a young girl (she had black hair tied in a ponytail and a short fringe on the forehead) related...
  4. P

    new movie trailer

    new movie trailer - first trampling experience Hi people, I'm a very old member on this forum (my first nick was Viaggiatore) and I was quite a passive member. Now it's time to make a change. I met a girl a few weeks ago and I told her about our fetish world. She looks quite intrigued...