1. slaveandy

    Rachel and Dia Play on the Human Carpet

    Rachel Sinclair has invited her new girlfriend DiaZerva over to play. When DiaZerva finds out Rachel has slave andy over they decide not only to play but to torment him at the same time. The step on his body, crush his balls, and play with each other while andy lays crushed and helpless under...
  2. slaveandy

    MzDevious Can't Stop Trampling

    Who would have thought that the once virgin trampler MzDevious would become addicted to walking all over people with her hard as a rock muscular body. She pounces on slave andy's stomach, makes him smell her stinky feet, smacks his balls around with her petite feet while standing on him, and...
  3. slaveandy

    MzDevious Tramples in Boots

    MzDevious, also known as Ms SexyFlex, tramples Slave Andy in her high heeled boots. She walks all over his chest and fat stomach. At some points even grinds her booted heels into his balls! CA Media Productions...