mz. simmers

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    Foot and trample fetish pics

    A few pics to Share for my Foot lovers and trample sluts "These heels were made for walking, and that's just what I will do- Walk all over you. "
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    Oral Servant

    I bring my Boytoy out to serve my pussy- It's been a rough week and I need to release some tension. I begin riding my slaves face, grinding my soaked panties all over his mouth. I take my my panties off then instruct him how to lick my pussy and ass- "Use your tongue like its a dildo"-...
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    Ball Busting Interrogation part 1

    Steve has been cheating on me and I now have proof. Knowing his lying sneak ass he will try to deny it as always. When we met he promised to take care of me and I would come first. Steve is always late, never gives me the attention I desire. Then I find strange numbers on the phone Bill. I...
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    Heel Fucked&Castrated

    This is the conclusion of "Abuse the Bitches Balls" After abusing slaves balls by kicking,whipping, and canning - slave is still unable to to pull me across the room by his balls. 'You sure you cant pull me?" No, Mz Simmers I cant. Shoving my heel in his ass and begin heel fucking slaves tight...