1. slavepj1963

    Madame Catarina in Dr Psycho: Anti-horniness Training

    See the entire movie here Dr Psycho looking stunning in heels, stockings and leather skirt, straps down her patient in her leather bondage sack before leaving him for the night. The next day Dr Psycho returns to her dungeon treatment room with her butler slave to test how effective his...
  2. T

    Nipple and CBT Delight Part 2 w/The Bondage Queen

    NYC Rubber Studio "Nipple and CBT Delight Part 2 w/The Bondage Queen" The Bondage Mistress continues her torments on slave bill. She sticks steel rods through his already sore nipples and manipulates them causing him immense pain. After she removes the clamps from his balls she plays...
  3. JulieSimone

    Julie Simone - Leather, Burning, Electro, Needles

    from the DVD, "Julie's Pincushion", Amazon Redhead Julie Simone is dressed in a leather corset, skirt and thigh hi boots. Her slave is tied to a cross. His arms and balls are tied to each other with needles so when he jumps he tortures himself, much to Julie's amusement. Julie adds to his...
  4. tmartinka

    Brutal Session - Lady Jenny - F/M - trailer

    Trailer from the video Brutal Session. Cruel caning...100 extremly cruel strokes, corporal whipping...100 cruel lashes with bullwhip and cruel cbt with needles...needles into testicles. bs_full_trailer.wmv Click on images for more photos!
  5. MistressRouge

    Birthday Extreme - Part One - Needle Nipple Candles.

    Added to My ClipStore & Members Site :) An early birthday treat for Me, Me dressed head to toe in lucious rubber, and I have My masochist rubber hooded, and rubber dressed. I have a very cruel idea involving 10 small birthday candles, 10 needles and two fleshy nipples. Watch how I light My...
  6. MistressRouge

    Nipple sadistic - nipple needles, piercings extreme.

    Mistress Roug'e UK :) I have a a new Nipple Torment Series, added to my Clips4sale clipstore. All with FREE Previews. NIPPLE SADISTIC. NIPPLE SADISTIC Part One: Multi Clamped Mistress head to toe in latex/rubber, and has her rubber nipple slave, stretched out on her A frame...
  7. MistressRouge

    Needles & electrics cbt for cumslut clip.

    Added to my clips4sale store :) With 10 second preview on all my clips! Needles & Electrics CBT for CumSlut. Mistress Roug'e summons her slave Cumslut, for an afternoon of Domination. Securing Cumslut into place, on her suspension swing, legs akimber, bound and exposed ready for some needle...