nipple torture

  1. NatalyaSadici

    Tower of Pain

    The following video is now available for purchase at Sadici Studios Tower of Pain After his nipples are stretched for a while with the tower of pain, I indulge in a variety of torments. My aim is to make sure smokeslave's nipples aren't just tender-they're excruciating. I want this area to...
  2. subby

    updates from femdomproductions and sadoladies (060719)

    hi friends, here are the weekly information bout latest news and freebies as usual for you :) 1.) new clip with newest mistress lady feather in our c4s-store: 2.) new whipcracking clip with beautiful miss lina! 3.) today a new caning/detention clip with lady iveta! our clips4sale-store...
  3. JulieSimone

    Mistress Cassandra NYC High Heel Trampling w Spitting & Nipple Torture

    Legendary Queen of Mean Mistress Cassandra NYC verbally abuses a slave for bringing Her a low quality wine. While She chastises him, She notices his gaze fixed upon Her Louboutin leather High heels and Her long, tanned and toned legs. The slave quickly learns that any amount of pleasure he is to...
  4. slavepj1963

    Madame Catarina New Movie: Bloody Spurs

    BLOODY SPURS Extreme Femdom Brutal and bloody real session filmed Availiable in HD mp4, HD wmv, mp4 and wmv Madame Catarina has decided to entertain herself with an afternoon of sadistic pleasure. She has ordered her masochistic slave...
  5. NatalyaSadici

    Betterment Through Whipping

    The following video is now available for purchase at Betterment Through Whipping There are distinct areas of Her slave's body that haven't been worked over. Mistress Natalya Sadici applies clothespins with perfectly manicured fingers to his...
  6. NatalyaSadici

    Smoke Trap

    Having Mistress Natalya Sadici's breath mixed with smoke is exquisite for a smoking fetishist. Longing for this moment, Mistress Natalya makes sure he is only allowed to breathe in that heady aroma. This combination is trapped within his gas mask. The heat from Her lit cigarette closes in on...
  7. slavepj1963

    Extreme Femdom-New Movie

    If you are into extreme German Femdom check out this really is not for the faint of heart Too Much Spikes for My Slave SpursFlash My Slave SpursFlash: ENTIRE MOVIE (HD mp4) Looking stunning in red leather pants, gloves and designer...
  8. S

    I Love To Play With You

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM here we have another phantastic clip starring beautiful supersadist ezada. filmed in a lounge this mistress doesnt need much to play with her slaves. just a cigarette is...
  9. slavepj1963

    Madame Catarina in 'Mr Butler in Trouble' - ENTIRE MOVIE

    SAVE MONEY BY DOWNLOADING THE ENTIRE MOVIE ENTIRE MOVIE: Leather Goddess and sadistic Mistress, Madame Catarina has decided to have a cigarette after inspecting the work of her slave butler in her saloon. The butler is summoned, naked apart from his...
  10. NatalyaSadici

    Sparks and Clamps

    The following clip has been added to Sparks and Clamps Mistress Natalya Sadici has slave bonecharger tied down to the bondage table. Completely helpless in a restrictive latex hood, She's had him stewing with the tower of pain nipple clamps. After digging...
  11. slavepj1963

    Madame Catarina-New Movie Human Boot Jack Chapter ONE

    In this amazing new movie Madame Catarina is dressed in stunning leather and thigh boots and has decided to spend a pleasant afternoon with her slave. But what would be the best way to have some fun with him. More Information here...
  12. B

    Chastity Slave Wants Out

    My slave has been locked up in chastity. Today is the day he is begging to be let out. Awww, as I pinch his nipples and tease his balls. He has been counting. "It's been months since i have cum Mistress". Ready for a little bit of freedom? As I turn the key unlocking the chastity device, his...
  13. B

    Nipple Pain and Pleasure

    Just how much pain can these nipples take? Slave is restrained and helpless from preventing just how far I go with his nipples. Clothespins, pinching, cropping, caning, the wheel, yet I sensually tease as well at the same time.
  14. B

    Mistress Nicole & Mistress Delicious Punish Sub Toy Odette!

    I had a hot time filming this little feature of me, Mistress Delicious and our little sub toy Odette! I lead Odette into the room on a leash… her collar tight around her neck. She is blindfolded, so she has to give up complete control to trust me completely. I bring her into a room where...
  15. T

    Russian Goddess Torture w/Mistress Renee

    Discipline Academy "Russian Goddess Torture" Russian Goddess Mistress Renee speaks in her native language while destroying slave bill's nipples. Using her sharp finger nails, she squeezes and pulls them causing bill to cry out in pain. Once she has him enough she slaps his face while...
  16. G

    Being Destroi -Episode 1 Cock Correction

    Become a fly on the wall of the day in Life of a Sadistic Black Bitch Picture yourself on your knees waiting in line for a chance to submit. All the while observing the torment of the VICTIM before you. In my life the possibilities are endless when your submitting on a personal level to a TRUE...
  17. T

    Nipple and CBT Delight Part 2 w/The Bondage Queen

    NYC Rubber Studio "Nipple and CBT Delight Part 2 w/The Bondage Queen" The Bondage Mistress continues her torments on slave bill. She sticks steel rods through his already sore nipples and manipulates them causing him immense pain. After she removes the clamps from his balls she plays...
  18. N

    New bondage clip with facial distortion & nipple clamps

    Nikki spread open with a distortion gag & at the end tortured by nipple clamps that causes her great distress! And many more bondage and bdsm clips at my clips store Nikki
  19. C

    ***Unbearable titty twister***

    Domme interrogates bold slave but he is obstinent and doesnt want to talk. Domme tortures his titties and tickles him. Lots of verbal humiliation inside!
  20. C

    >>Great balls torture<<

    Two amazing mistresses humiliate pathetic gui, squeezing his balls and ripping nipples... View clip here