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  1. BBW Mistress Victoria

    The Encounter with older, glasses wearing, Man and Naughty bbw Nurse Vicki PART 2 Face sitting

    This is the first face sitting clip ive done since my Ex and I parted over 1 and half years ago So It is part 2 but the hot part where i sit on my new play mates face ! Clothing off, time for her to suck his cock, something as you may know she loves doing! Then he lays down and she sits on his...
  2. BBW Mistress Victoria

    BBW Domme Fetish Phone session ?

    Some of you may not know this but I am also A Phone Sex Operator who is especially experienced in BDSM from Being Your Domme to Mommy, Aunt nurse ,sister etc here are some of the comments My Clients have made about my services on the phone Feedback Summary Member Name...
  3. BBW Mistress Victoria

    What Scare Crow?

    What happen to the scare crow can you guess? I just had the best time getting ready for this set! We video taped us painting my big fat belly For you! I sure hope you like my Pumpkin Patch with it grinning friend In this 63 photo and 1 video set! You will see me from just starting the...
  4. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Nurse Vicki From Professional to Naughty Uniform Set

    this Hot professionally shot set of 83 hot pics from my New Nurse Uniform standard to the Naughty Nurse below it to ..... Well you have to come by and see Also A Bonus 34 picture set of Diamond Amazon in a mini dress Showing off her long sexy Legs and Big boobs
  5. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Bath Time with Mistic!

    80 hot, wet and bubble yummy,Photos only on Http://
  6. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Young Latina In Black and Hot pink!

    Latina Desert Rose Poses in Black and Hot Pink. She Shows a lot for being "dressed"! This set of 192 Pics Now on Nurse Vicki's Only!
  7. BBW Mistress Victoria

    BBW Girl-Girl Playing in Pink

    Yes we do like to play together minus the boys sometimes! Want to see a Preview of this clip go here for Fetish COD and Here for clips4 sale Happy 4 of July Weekend
  8. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Nude Tease and Denial of Man Tied in Office chair!

    see the sample clip on fetish COD here if you prefer clips4sale its up there as well by today use this link
  9. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Green High Heeled Sandals, Barefeet and Worship

    I thought of my foot loving sandal fans This past spring and these are some of the results! Want to see more go here!
  10. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Sweet and Innocent in black sheer NOT

    A teaser for you Big Girl lovers Because I know you want to worship my ass! want more go here