1. MissMinaBBW

    Horny Patient Sponge Bath BBW Nurse Tit Fuck Hand Job Ejaculate

    Download my Horny Patient Sponge Bath HD video at my clip sites: Clips4Sale Many Vids I Want Clips Want something a little bit more specific & personal? Custom videos are available. Email me at for rates & info on a custom that YOU direct. Follow me: SnapChat...
  2. B

    Help! Looking for a story!

    Anything to do with family members engaging in fetish is strictly prohibited on MDFF's - it's quite clear in the rules which you agreed to abide by when you joined. bfrug.
  3. JulieSimone

    Birthing a Tiny Penis - Making a Mussy Pt 4

    Making a Mussy Pt 4 - Birthing a Tiny Penis : Now that Nurse Betty Pickle and Julie Simone are done experimenting / treating Their patient, They remove the staples from the mussy from the bottom to the top. With each staple that is removed, the patient’s tiny little penis re-emerges, even more...
  4. JulieSimone

    Making a Mussy Pt 2 -Sounds and Staples

    In Part 2 Nurse Betty Pickle and Julie Simone turn Their attention to the patient’s genital area. They penetrate his urethra with steel rods and fuck his man hole before taking the skin of his balls and covering up his pathetic little penis. They staple the skin in place, giving him a man pussy...
  5. T

    A Growing World is now available, GTS, BE and more

    A Growing World Now available at ZZZ Comics: Dr. Bryan Mathews has developed a formula that will rid the world of starvation...except it has some minor side effects... It causes women to grow to giant size, become very aroused and gives them the ability...
  6. T

    Tormentor Nurse w/Mal Martine

    Discipline Academy "Tormentor Nurse 2 w/Mal Martine" The Nurse continues placing clothespins on her captive patient. She begins twisting and turning them. Each time he grunts in pain she slaps him. She finally finishes him off by pulling them off using her feet. Slowly and painfully...
  7. E

    Lots of New Clips!

    I just posted lots of new clips on Elena De Luca Productions! "Barefoot Ball Crush" "Take Your Medicine OTK" 'I Hate Everything POV" "Blackmailed by Nurse's Stockings" "Crushing Balls to Break in My Shoes" Go enjoy.
  8. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Love BBWs In Uniform?

    Ok so I have A Hot Video Of me getting Dressed to go to work in My Nursing Uniform! it is a sexy Story where you watch me get dress from fishnet stockings to nursing cap, to lipstick and white coat. Of course then when I am already to go to work, the phone rings and alas I must stay home called...
  9. E

    BEVERLY HILLS - Naughty Nurse CBT and Ballbusting

    Beverly Hills is a sexy, large-breasted nurse who begins pulverizing her patient's balls with her sexy feet! She knees, kicks and punches his nuts, and she even begins using her juicy ass to grind down and crush his testicles. Check out more of this medical nurse fetish ballbusting movie...
  10. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Do we have Medical Fetish admirers in the

    Building? I added some Medical Fetish BBW Style Yes I also go by Nurse Vicki was a Nurse for 15 years, I also am sometimes the victim LOL ! So check them out here I also take request so please feel free to tell me! :devil:
  11. C

    Naughty Nurse and Castration Play

    I talk to men every day who think they’re real men. They dress in lipstick & fuck me pumps and call themselves men. Dane is one of those men. Those kind of men need to be castrated. Every time they drop their pants, they’ll realize, its a clitty between their legs, and they are definitely short...
  12. P

    Evil Nurse Play Clip & Images

    Hello everyone. Mistress Yuliya has just uploaded Her most recent BSDM session! Witness Mistress Yuliya give a slave her 'special treatment' after he shamelessly complains to her. She tortures this unfortunate man with bondage, nipple clamps, CBT with needles, and verbal abuse. She penetrates...