1. B

    Alice Humiliation 01

    We start our adventure on this forum showing you two images from one of our latest video productions. Our beautiful Alice is a professional model and actor for tv series and did a super performance here: the video is comprehensive of verbal humiliation (italian language), trample, stomping and...
  2. B

    Alice Humiliation 01

    proviamo ad iniziare la nostra avventura su questo forum pubblicando due foto tratte da uno dei nostri ultimi video (realizzato su richiesta). Alice Humiliation 01 presenta varie situazioni di umiliazione verbale (in italiano), sniffing e anche calpestamento e calci, con scarpe e piedi velati...
  3. S

    Der Tretwettbewerb (alte Geschichte, neu aufbereitet)

    Hi! Ich bin Katja, und einige von euch werden sich vielleicht noch an mich erinnern. Ich bin inzwischen 22 Jahre alt, habe hellblondes, halblanges Haar, bin weder dick noch abgemagert und, ehrlich gesagt, ziemlich groß (183 cm, manchmal wünschte ich mir, ich wäre etwas kleiner). Vor einiger...
  4. S

    German Story: Der Tretwettbewerb (mit Trampling, BB, Treten und dominanten Footjobs))

    Hi! Ich bin Katja, und einige von euch werden sich vielleicht noch an mich erinnern. Ich bin inzwischen 22 Jahre alt, habe hellblondes, halblanges Haar, bin weder dick noch abgemagert und, ehrlich gesagt, ziemlich groß (183 cm, manchmal wünschte ich mir, ich wäre etwas kleiner). Vor einiger...
  5. gsfcreator

    Princess Carolina's extreme foot slave

    Princess Carolina's extreme foot slave "Mmmm, look who we have here! I think my slave have been good for a whole entire month! what do you think? you think I should unlock that chastity of yours? well...I don't think so, yet...I think I'm gonna have a little fun with you, before I'll take my...
  6. gsfcreator

    Maya's edging card game (Long feet joi)

    "Mmmm...My enthusiastic little foot-slave! are you ready to play an extreme edging game with me? *laughs* a prolonged game to determine...if and when you cum...? what rewards you get...what torture...? I know you're really excited to see what color of pedicure I have...If my feet are clean or...
  7. Marc70

    She wants you to spoil her nylon feet (MISS IVY)

    Lady Ivy Insomnia lolls in bed and she wants you to spoil her nylon feet. Her gorgeous, long legs, her beautiful, slender feet. She drives you crazy with her scent. www.FOOTFETISHGOLD.com C4S: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/105244
  8. Marc70

    Like to SNIFF ????

    Lady Elsi Spring knows that you love her smelly shoes! LOOKMYSHOES.com and FOOTFETISHGOLD.com
  9. Ms. Sweet

    Ms. Sweet's Picture Page

    Picture Page Picture Page!:p I thought i'd share some of my newest pictures, relevant to this forum thread of course. I have posted more, but am not going to post them again here. You can find them in Mistress site updates. Anywho, I've purchased a new camera, and am loving the picture...
  10. askim1

    liana.feet Nylons

    www.instagram.com/liana.feet More ??? www.instagram.com/liana.feet
  11. AATBxxx

    Keep Sniffing Sissy Slut - Coerced Intoxication.

    MISSROPER.COM presents... "Keep Sniffing Sissy Slut" This video contains the following themes & elements: Coerced Intoxication - Poppers - Mind Fuck - Sissy Slut - Femdom POV - Female Domination - Foot Fetish - Nylons - Tease & Denial - Chastity - Wet Look. A custom video fantasy brought to...
  12. Marc70

    Jennas sexy moist NYLONFEET :):)

    Enjoy the sweaty moist nylon feet of MISS JENNA ... would you like to take off her stockings ? www.NYLONWORSHIP.com and www.FEMDOMGOLD.com www.NYLONWORSHIP.com and www.FEMDOMGOLD.com
  13. S

    Worship My Ankle Boots

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM http://www.sado-ladies.com/index.php/boot-slaves-boot-fetish/1447-worship-my-ankle-boots today we have another phantastic classic female domination clip starring domina liza from the uk. she wears a wonderful vintage outfit with real nylons and ankle...
  14. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Pantyhose Cuckold

    PANTYHOSE CUCKOLD We've spent the entire day together, preparing for this date. I even let you dress me! Now we just have to wait for him to arrive. Mmmm, I can't wait to get good and fucked; I might even fuck him in the car, I'm so horny. Don't worry, I'll send you pictures of...
  15. L

    LoverSinLatex nylon footgagging

    She comes home after a long day.. She hasn't stopped thinking about her loyal boy slave waiting for her next to her bed. Every night when she comes home he is kneeling there waiting for her to give him his orders. Every night he waits for her with a bottle of wine wearing his uniform...
  16. highboots

    Stunning Long Legs

    Madame Eleanor combs he hair in front of the mirror, than she sits down on the armchair and put her feet in black pumps on the table. Later she calls at a slave to worship her shoes. She steps on him and he kisses her pumps willingly. After that he is ordered to take her pumps off. She puts her...
  17. czsole123

    CzechSoles.com: Office girls foot teasing

    Office girls foot teasing These two sexy girl colleagues at the office knows your secret, they know how much you like to watch their feet in pantyhose and boots as you pretend to be working. They want to give you a hard time and play a little foot-game just for your eyes. Can you handle 4...
  18. A

    Annie's Strip Tease and Trample Clip

    Annie's Strip Tease and Trample! 200 pound, 6 ft. Amazon Annie decides to do a very sexy, yet very conservative strip tease on top of the very much smaller, Thrash. Stripping down from a black tank top and navy skirt to a black teddy with black stockings attached. Thrash's poor...
  19. M

    Dangerous Thighs: Varla's Scissor Compilation

    Now playing @ Crush Kick Destroy http://www.clips4sale.com/store/33073 Dangerous Thighs: Varla's Scissor Compilation This is a compilation clip of all of the best leg scissor scenes taken from the movie "Controlled by Her Ass & Thighs." Varla seductively puts him various scissorholds while...
  20. PSarah

    Sweaty Stocking Sniffer joi - Sarah Diavola and Spoiled Bianca

    Spoiled Bianca and I have some sweaty stockings after raging it up in Vegas. Wanna smell? Yes, you know you wanna. SMELL! Take big whiffs of our soles, between our toes... Get your nose in there and get high on our sexy sweaty scent. There is no resisting the silky, sheer softness of our legs...