1. B

    Wistful Thinking

    Hey guys, this is purely a work of frustration. There is no facesitting in this first chapter, but there will be soon. Anyways... __________________________________________________ Wistful Thinking Dusk was approaching. The sun's orange glow washed over the park signalling the tired...
  2. E

    You are What I Decide POV

    You aren't a person. You're a slave. That means that I decide what you are. I will use you however I please and expect you to behave however I dictate. If I decide you are nothing but human furniture you better be the best damn object I have ever seen. You are nothing more than my property and...
  3. E

    You're Just a Piece of Furniture - POV

    You're worthless to me as a living breathing being. I am done with you acting as though you are a man. You are nothing, You are just an inanimate object to me. You are whatever I decide you. Human furniture, maybe a chair or a footstool. Whatever I feel you will serve me best as. Watch the...
  4. MistressRouge

    Strap-On - My "all in a row" fantasy.

    Well, My thoughts are always vivid and creative, and on the drive to My chambers the other day, I pondered a fantastic strap-on fuck fantasy. I would love to have 5 asses, all bent over in a line. Placed onto of each ass slut's back's, would be a strap-on already harnessed up, a ready to ram...
  5. Y

    My reading sofa

    Be My reading sofa - patient and quiet. I won't care that you need to breathe and that My jeans are cutting into your face. It's all about My comfort. Classic Jeans Face Sitting video - "My reading sofa" is playing at www.eroticasalon.com/gallery
  6. S

    American Upskirts - Working

    My Male friend loves looking up my skirt while I work at my desk! So much so, I have done some video's where I give him a shoe job while he looks and I use it to my advantage!! Videos are at: http://www.clips4sale.com/store/30908
  7. S

    Human Objects - Microphone

    We recently did a clip where my sub was a Human Microphone!! As a Mistress I can understand now understand the fetish. My sub was first wrapped with plastic stretchwrap and I walked him up to an IV stand which was a perfect Mic Stand. I strapped him to the stand and inserted a Mic grid over...
  8. Y

    Human carpet duties - free sample!

    As a human carpet, you are expected to be: ~a good floor for breaking in new pair of shoes; ~a good quality cleaning rug for Myself and My guests; ~ a thankful absorbent of any high heels drilled into your flesh; ~ a stable dancing floor. Check out the sample here! Full version of the...