oral service

  1. B

    Oral Fixation

    Mistress Natasha Sweet dons a pair of medical latex gloves and administers and oral examination to patient/slave Krystal Summers. She's mostly interested in how much she can fit in her mouth. To get a better view, she attaches a dental spreader to her mouth to widen her hole. Since Krystal's...
  2. M

    Facesitting Beauties

    This is a compilation of the best "Oral Servants" series Part 1 If your a fan of CBT, face sitting, smothering,Breath Play, ass licking, human dildo, humiliation, oral servitude, Femdom POV, Blondes with Big breast, tease and denial- its a must see- http://www.clips4sale.com/store/6948
  3. Mistress Meltz

    Playtime with subbie! (2 new vids)

    Check out my two latest vids from a play session with my sub Skeptic. I get my feet worshipped and for the 1st time he is allowed to orally service me. Then I let him get a taste of my strap on BBC. Both of these vids have been added to my c4s site and my fetish lair. See my latest vids and...
  4. M

    My human Dildo

    Your Helplessly tied to the bed spread eagle. You don't deserve my attention all you get is dehumanized- your tongue being my dildo. Forcing you to lick my pussy and ass Without saying a word. I love watching my videos of myself tormenting and toying with pathetic losers, Just like you! I...
  5. B

    Cock-Whore Part 3

    COCK-WHORE Part 3 by Blushing Slut So after a long night of servicing your 3 male slaves and suffering the cruelties of your several Domme friends, You had sent me to the backroom to clean myself up and wait for You. I was in a complete mess - my outfit was splattered with cum and also...
  6. B

    Cock Whore Part 1

    Its been 2 months since youve been training me to be Your cock whore. Ive been under lock and key the whole time. My cock and balls in a chastity belt and being caged daily, have been my lot. The only time you let me out to play is when you decide its time to stretch my ass open with another...