pantyhose facesitting

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    Autumn Bodell Sits on The Face Seat Cushion

    Hello Everyone, It has been a while but it hasn't been because ray hasn't been used, he just hasn't been used on camera as much. But that changed a few weeks ago when the 5'9" tall Autumn Bodell had ray for a week of face sitting usage. She used him a lot! In various outfits! She even but...
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    Cheyenne Jewel Sits on The Face Seat Cushion!!

    The beautiful Cheyenne Jewel had ray to sit on for a few days. During that time she did a live 2 hour web cam chat and became of member of The Red Face Society, shot some clips to share, and just really enjoyed her time using ray as her Face Seat Cushion!! The Clips are uploaded to the stores...
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    Take That You Asshole- Pantyhose Facesitting

    Take That You Asshole How Dare You Cheat On Me Alexis has a bit of a problem, she discovered one of her loser slave boys was seeing another mistress behind her back. When she gets him tied up for the little whores weekly milking she has her friend Katrina punish him by sitting on his face in...