1. PSarah

    Sarah DiAvola - Hose Are Easy

    "Hose Are Easy" Or, rather, you are easy when pantyhose come into play. How appropriate, then, is it that I suck on a sucker in this video, while I play with a sucker in this video? Go ahead. Sniff. mmmm. White cotton ankle socks. Stretched over sheer nude sheer-to-waist...
  2. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Pantyhose Cock Tease 2

    PANTYHOSE COCK TEASE 2 I want to tease you before I milk you. My silky soft nylons glide across your cock like a serpent. The spaces between My toes are visible from inside the stockings. Listen to the sounds they make as they caress and press you. Look into My eyes as I pet My pet with...
  3. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Pantyhose Pump Game

    PANTYHOSE PUMP GAME (Contains bits of nudity) Get your hand on your dick, quick! Start masturbating! Look at how shiny and thick these tan pantyhose are. They're TIGHT, and the only thing between them and My pussy is a teeny tiny cotton gusset. It leaves just enough to the imagination, and...
  4. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Secret Pool Footjob

    SECRET POOL FOOTJOB Ssssshhhhh! I love being naughty in public! The pool is closed, but I'm tipsy and horny and I want to do something sexy at the hotel pool. Quiet, I don't want anyone to catch us! I wonder what kind of trouble we would get into if someone walked in and saw my feet wrapped...
  5. breathless50

    Three Smothering Executions

    I’m a really naughty girl in this video with three facesitting smothering executions, a hotel porter, a groom-to-be and my nephew. And I wear three different sexy outfits! Fifty plus minutes of teasing smothering facesitting. I am a well-known entertainer and I have a secret double life as an...
  6. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Ignored by Feet in Stockings

    IGNORED BY FEET IN STOCKINGS Once again, I'm making you pay to watch Me do nothing! No wonder so many of you have been calling My ignore lines. Are you too shy to speak up? Do you become dribbling mess when you are presented with the objects of your fetishes? That's fine, but you're still...
  7. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Teased To Shreds

    TEASED TO SHREDS ...There will always be more pantyhose for Me. I do not get upset when I get a run in My stockings, because I see it as an immediate opportunity. Either I wear them to the gym for a couple of days to get them sweaty and sell them to you, or I rip them to pieces and sell the...
  8. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Ignored by Stockings and Lace

    IGNORED BY STOCKINGS AND LACE None of My time is free. Even when I'm doing nothing but preparing to seduce the hell out of you. So, I turned on the camera. I'm putting off some filming here, writing notes and sipping tea, vaping. In this lovely lace leotard. Sit on the hard, cold tiles and...
  9. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Easy Hose

    EASY HOSE I can make you as easy as I want you to be. Sometimes I forget how effortless it is for Me to play you like a fiddle. To wrap you around My finger...My legs. I wind you up, like My little puppet toy, and I watch you dance for Me and your cock twitch for Me. How delightful it is, to...
  10. Furetto

    Totally Annihilated by Sabry's Black Tights (foot slave training)

    Video available at In the previous videos you have dmired the statuesque beauty of Sabry, while playing her usual role of personal trainer with strong biceps. Here Sabry puts aside her workout clothes to wear elegant ones, 'cause she...
  11. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Milked by Stockings - SIDE VIEW

    MILKED BY STOCKINGS - SIDE VIEW "THIS IS THE CLOSE ANGLE OF "MILKED BY STOCKINGS" Look what I have: A cock in a hole! But this cock is not going to see any soft orifices. Only the harsh wood of My cock table, the soles of My high heels, and the rough texture of My silky stockings...
  12. Furetto

    Stinky Stockings Domination & Femdom POV (Fetish Obsession)

    Trampling in Stockings POV video available at Fetish Obsession This trampling POV session is for nylon lovers. I wear some stockings that I never washed. They have been used so many times when I had to wear formal clothes and today I...
  13. Marc70

    Lick my PANTYHOSE FEET !

    Lady Samantha wants you to worship her pantyhose feet and
  14. MissMinaBBW

    Big BBW She Cock For Sissy Slut Strapon Pantyhose FemDom Humiliation BBW Goddess

    Download my BIG BBW SHE COCK FOR SISSY SLUT video at Many Vids I Want Clips Watch almost 300 of my hottest big butt BBW fetish porn videos & get regular updates for one low price. No BS. Go here: For personalized custom...
  15. Marc70

    Sexy Gothics Nylonfeet to worship! (Lady Absinthia)

    Sexy gothic mistress Absinthia removes her Heels, first you have to smell inside, but then you have to sniff and lick her sweaty nylon feet and
  16. MissMinaBBW

    Sniff My Big Sweaty Ass Through My Pantyhose

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  17. Marc70


    Miss Serena lets him sniff, lick and suck her pantyhose feet! // (daily updates) // (daily updates)
  18. MissMinaBBW

    Sell Your Soul To Satan BBW Ass Worship

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  19. mistressweronika

    Paulina Under Weronika Feet 4K

    Paulina Under Weronika Feet 4K You will find this clip here: Goddess Weronika is sitting on a sofa. She has new slave woman. Weronika puts her feet in sexy pantyhose on woman face. Her face is perfect footstool for Goddess feet. Weronika xoxo :)
  20. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - CLASSIC CLIP: Kevin's Farting Handjob

    CLASSIC CLIP: KEVIN'S FARTING HANDJOB This clip first appeared in 2014 "CUSTOM: 'Sarah just back home, she open the door with her half-eaten food (any food that make one gassy), it makes her so gassy that just after she quickly close the door, she stick up her ass, lift up her hot skirt and...