pass out

  1. ExtremeSmotherQueenz

    Extreme Smother Queenz Updates

    Mz Juicy (605lbs) shows just how cruel and brutal she really can be when she sits full weight on her new seats Brenda(115lbs) & Leanne(105lbs) in our 20 min challenge video. Each seat gets a time of 20 mins nonstop underneath her 605lb ass. Multiple pass outs are allowed in the 20 min time...
  2. DedicatedFaceSeat

    Starting an Extreme Facesitting C4S Store - Introduction and What’s to Come

    Hello all, I have been a lurker of these forums for 10+ years (currently 25 years old) but only recently decided to take my plunge into the scene. As an avid consumer of facesitting/smother videos for many years, I have decided it is finally time to contribute something of my own to this lovely...
  3. MadameSmotherme

    Madame Smotherme I took this pic in the DMV area. I'm on tour with my sisters. We all have big round asses and we all have a bad attitude. Texas DMV Georgia Florida West Coast East Coast Contact me for further information. Fart fetishes available as well as scatting .
  4. Isaacnathan

    Facesitting story. Long read but well worth it. Please comment

    “FACELESS” By Isaac Nathan Phycological crime thriller erotic horror fiction Copyright first edition 2018 Isaac Nathan publishing All the characters is this books are fictitious, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Dedicated to my girlfriend dcs. Who sits on my...
  5. ExtremeSmotherQueenz

    Extreme Smother Queenz Presentz Mz.Inkredible "Buried Alive"

    Mz. Inkredible (5'9 486lbs) is extremely cruel and shows absolutely no mercy to her victim (5'7 155lbs). He squirms taps and even tries to move her but has no luck. Bone breaking butt drop like you never seen before. Her victim doesn't stand a chance. You can find our videos at the links below...
  6. Isaacnathan

    Epic new facesitting story. Must read. Excerpt from my book

    Full book can be read for free on under the title "faceless" by author Isaac Nathan Chapter 28 As we enter the house together and remove our shoes on a rug by the door she leads me through a nicely decorated interior that seems to favor the theme of hunting and wildlife. There is...
  7. N

    Smothered To Sleep

    I was just wondering why there are so many fake pass out smother videos for sale, but not one real one. Every time I see them (the pretend pass out clips) uploaded to Clips4sale the video immediately becomes a top 50 clip, and usually breaks into the top 10. Obviously lots of guys -- myself...
  8. PSarah

    TRIPLE Tushy Takedown - Sarah Diavola

    We've got this boi tied up and helpless on the bed, and we're using our powerful, bouncy ASSES to smother him into submission! Let's see how many bounces, smooshes, and ass-smothers we can inflict on him until he passes out! Three fabulous BUTTS, abusing you for loving ass so much - if you love...
  9. benoittodd

    Has anyone ever wanted to be trampled until throwing up or passing out?

    Out of curiosity, has anyone ever wanted to be trampled until he/she threw up and/or passed out from the trample? Has anyone ever tried it? Thanks.