1. AATBxxx

    Swallow Miss Roper's Nectar

    Peeing not featured in GIF, must purchase to view & swallow. I've had you waiting on all fours in the bathroom throughout the day, waiting for the moment when you would be of use to me. My little toilet, I can flush down anything and everything I desire into you. My spit, my nectar. I've been...
  2. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Tampon Cocktail 3

    TAMPON COCKTAIL 3 I say you're ready for dessert. A fine Champagne, a rare vintage, an expensive refreshment. Let's have you shut up and listen to Me talk about what an ordeal you're about to enjoy. First, I'll prepare the glass and fill it with My nectar. Then, I'll spike it with a musky...
  3. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Dirty Dinner

    DIRTY DINNER Filthy pig. Everything from My body is divine and blessed. What a lucky nasty potty mouth you are, to be able to receive it. How would this situation play out? What exactly will I do to deliver the goodies to your face hole? I will describe it, in great detail, and demonstrate...
  4. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Champagne Dreams

    CONTAINS NUDITY CHAMPAGNE DREAMS Get down. Way down. That is where toilet slaves belong. On his knees, neck bent backward, mouth open, eyes focused on the source of all power. I will describe in intricate detail what your life will be like as My personal toilet. That is your only...
  5. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Golden Treat

    GOLDEN TREAT What a good boy you've been all locked up and slaving away for Me, your Goddess. How lucky you are to suffer for Me. I promised you a reward, and I always keep My word. Today, you'll be getting a special treat: the privilege of drinking Goddess nectar straight from the...
  6. highboots

    Pee into Rubber Boots

    Angelica takes her rubber boots off and puts on pumps. She drinks and then she takes off her panties. She starts pee into the wellies, so she fulfills both boots with the warm golden juice. It would be delicious drink for a slave…
  7. highboots

    Pee on Wellies

    Angelica lolls around in bed only in lingerie and wellies and with cane. Then she goes on a table where she takes off panties and hunkers down. She starts pee on her rubber boots. The hot piss is so huge that it pours down the table. After everything is flooded, she tramples in it on the table...
  8. B

    Ladies Toilet #17: Carol

    Gorgeous young brazilian goddess Carol goes pee pee. Bonus footage of two additional squatting hotties, or unfortunately didn't go potty. Carol sure did though!!!
  9. B

    Ladies Toilet #15: Omsin

    Ladies Toilet #15: Omsin
  10. B

    Ladies Toilet #13: Biw

    Thai little hotty on the potty Biw pee pee's for you twice in the clip. Could very well be the best one yet! Ladies and Ladyboys Toilet
  11. B

    Ladyboys Toilet #10: Barbara

    Latina Ladyboy Barbara takes a long hot piss and washed up and brushes her teeth after. This is an amazingly sexy hot clip with a true transsexual goddess. Ladyboys Toilet #10: Barbara Ladies and Ladyboy's Toilet
  12. B

    Ladies Toilet #7: Boi

    Asian girl Boi in her bathing suit bikini sits on the toilet and let's out a long piss. What can be sexier than a gorgeous girl taking a pee.
  13. B

    Ladies and Ladyboys Toilet

    LADIES AND LADYBOYS TOILET The Hottest Ladies. The Hottest Ladyboys. 1 TOILET! Be a perverted fly on the bathroom wall and watch.... The Hottest Ladies. The Hottest Ladyboys. PEE! Unedited and Uncensored
  14. D

    Girls for clips.

    Hello! Well I post this looking for girls in Catalunya, because me an my friend have been start to produce scat clips, (in Yezzclips). Actually we are two girls and the shit eater slave. We are thinking about to take another slave too. Bye ;)
  15. F

    Sexy girl has to pee urgently!

    While Anni is applying her makeup she has to pee very urgently. First she tries to stand it a little bit longer - but she has no chance! The pressure becomes soo big that she has to start peeing. She takes off her clothes and stands at the toilet seat. First a little bit comes - but then she...
  16. F

    A very delicious champagne is served! Candy Julia is already very excited and awaits the night! She knows that you are going to visit her and that you will have a nice candlelight dinner this evening. And of course she wants to serve you a very nice champagne! Do you know the source of the champagne? It's...
  17. F

    First a little bit shy, but then...

    Anna is a sexy girl with a nice smile and a very hot body. And she likes to show you everything after losing her shyness! First she pees and then she fingers her wet pussy hole! While doing so she imaginates that you lie below her with your mouth opened, keen on her golden liquid...
  18. M

    Pee & Fart

    An accidental fart came out while I was peeing my panties.
  19. F

    Erst was schüchtern, doch dann pisst sie richtig los! Anna ist ein heißes Girl, mit einem hübschen Lächeln und mit einem wunderschönen Körper. Und den will sie auch nach kurzer Schüchternheit bereitwillig zeigen! Sie zieht ihre Sachen aus, setzt sich auf die Schüssel und dann geht es richtig los! Erst pisst sie und dann...
  20. F

    Sexy red haired cutie on the toilet Ho Ho Ho! The Christmas days are gone - and Amber comes! To you - and she cums also while playing with her pussy at the toilet! She has to pee very urgently! Fast she takes off her clothes and let her golden nectar flow out of her hot pussy! That makes her so horny that...