perverted feetsniffing

  1. tyler

    A Range of Reactions

    Vika Bubishka (5'10" tall) happily models her size 9.5 feet at first, but is later surprised when I bury my nose under her toes and start sniffing. After a period of time, she became accustomed to this procedure and then enjoyed it as part of her stretching workouts.
  2. tyler

    Size 10 Italian/American-Indian Feet

    Teresa Fairmont wears a size 10 and is 5'10" tall. I first saw her stranded outside of a gas station and I sat in my parked car until she eventually asked if I could give her a ride back home. She was a very sweet innocent woman. During the drive to her house, she would not let me look at her...
  3. tyler

    Tall Mixed Girl's Feet Sniffed Hard (like a Lunatic)!!

    Mone is a 6 foot tall, size 10 mixed race hottie. She's white, black, & hispanic. I met her through some female friends and when I 1st laid eyes on her, I knew I was gonna be sniffin, lickin, suckin, & fuckin her feet later. Mone's feet smelled & tasted sooooo good too. I literally...