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  1. slavepj1963

    Hidden Torture Farm: New Movie-Human Horse Race- Madame Catarina and Mistress Ezada S

    New Movie with Madame Catarina and Mistress Ezada Sinn available now on C4S Madame Catarina has arranged a special treat for Mistress Ezada Sinn as part of her visit to the Hidden Torture Farm. Madame Catarina owns a stable of human ponies that she keeps at the farm and decides it would be...
  2. slavepj1963

    Looking for a shoulder saddle

    Hello I have been looking to buy a shoulder saddle for a two legged pony...after a couple of weeks of looking I have had no joy....please if anyone knows of a supplier please let me know...I would be really grateful for any recommendations Thanks slave pj
  3. I

    Puppy Play?

    i am new to MDFF, and was curious to see if there are any Dom's than consider Themselves Handlers/Owners, or Dominant women that are just intrested in Puppy Play, and if there are any other pup members. i have been in the lifestyle for 8 years, and for the most part have stayed pup play...
  4. B

    BBWs Ivy Davenport & MaliceBBW Traveling to South WI, and Chicago Nov 1-7th

    As stated in title We are traveling to South WI and Chicago Nov 1-7. We are pre-scheduling sessions and are only accepting sessions who will pay a deposit to hold your time/date. Face sitting, Trampling, pet play, smothering, and more. Contact via
  5. slavepj1963

    Bootlicker the Muddy Pony-Madame Catarina -Entire movie

    For any lover of pet play, trampling and bootlicking this is a must see movie And of course bookings are still being made for the special Torture Farm Event
  6. slavepj1963

    New Movie-Madame Catarina - Bootlicker the Muddy Pony

    A must see movie for fans of Pet Play, bootlicking and trampling The entire movie is now available to download at C4S
  7. slavepj1963

    Madame Catarina-neue Website und Event angekündigt

    Die Hidden Torture Farm ist ein traditioneller Vierseiten-Bauernhof von 1894 mit geschlossenem Innenhof. Der Kellerkomplex unterhalb dieses Bauernhofs ist noch viel älter. Die Lage und Räumlichkeiten eignen sich für alle Arten von BDSM-Aktivitäten im Innen- und Außenbereich. Mit Madame Catarina...
  8. S

    Celia from Schlagende Girls (Foot Worship , Shoe licking )

    Celia from Schlagende Girls - Foot Worship , Shoe licking Hey everyone. For those of you who missed some of our previous updates. Clip Description: Celia proves who’s in charge here. Female domination just the way the aficionado likes it; foot worship, shoe licking, spanking, slapping...