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    David's Earliest Facesitting Elysette

    David’s Earliest Face-sitting Experience……fiction By Elysette Cloutier I was born in 1940 and it wasn’t until the 1958 that I really took any notice of petticoats as such. My earliest recollection was when my maths teacher, Miss Barr, used to sidle past me and brush her wide...
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    The French Tutor

    The French Tutor by Thorilla (I found this moving account of my great, great uncle David's struggle to learn a foreign language and the methods they used to teach French to those who were ungifted linguistically. His words are taken verbatim from a secret diary he kept when he was 19...
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    Vivian by Thorilla My name is David Thornberry. It happened when I was just 18 in 1958 and I have to admit that I still feel rather ashamed at what we did. In 1958 one of my parents' closest friends died. He was a well respected member of the village and was chairman of the...