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    Thar BE GTS is now available GTS, BE, and more

    Thar BE GTS Now available at ZZZ Comics: http://www.e-junkie.com/thatbumzzz Set sail with the sexiest and wildest all female crew at sea! Captain Grandessas crew is not your usual pirate crew, they loot, plunder and take sexy female elves as slaves like any other, but they also like to...
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    My Fantasy ***Dom Pirate Ladies*** Hot! Trampling

    Hey all .... Review the pictures first then finish read here. Okay, after viewing the pictures my fantasy is to be on board a 3 masted tall ship of the era between 1690 - 1730. There are wooden barrels, ropes, sails, waves etc. The dom babe is dressed in a sexy pirate costume, sexy...