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    Scat Mistress in NY

    I'm looking for scat mistress near NYC area, for short duration. I'll be staying in Jersey city for few weeks, starting next week. Looking forward to serving you!
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    Advice for session with farts

    Hey all, I'm meeting with a mature mistress tomorrow for an hour, and the last 20 minutes of our session will be farting and toilet domination. Does anyone have some creative ideas/scenarios that I could play out with her to really make the fart domination fun? This is my first experience with...
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    Pee drinking and poop smearing on my feet

    I was pretty naughty. Daddy's little girl couldn't help herself but to misbehave. Just couldn't help herself!! Toilet Slave Naomi's Store
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    Toilet Slave Naomi

    I'm the real deal. I love to play on the potty, do pee videos, scat, shitty farts, shitty booty. If you like it , I'll do it! Custom videos available with me, email me at empress235@hotmail.com Follow me on twitter with Goddesnaomi = my twitter for updates and store info! Hugs** Toilet...
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    Another panty pooper video

    Didn't make it to the bathroom in time and pooped my panties. Oops!
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    7 days PLUS of consumption

    :matey: I've been adding lots more clips to my store
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    Panty poopers

    I also added some panty poo videos too Toilet Slave Goddess Naomi