post orgasm torture

  1. PSarah

    Sexual Choices - postcum torture/foot smelling

    Handjobs are the great decision-maker. Do you want to smell My feet, shoved right up your nose? No? Well, do you want to smell My feet while I jerk you off? Yes. Yes you do. Your penis always wins in the battle of your mind, and I always win against your penis. So, I own your mind. I love to...
  2. J

    Racked And Ruined

    Way Past Red Dixie and Catherine decided to have some fun so they stretched Shawn out on the rack. The girls tease and tickle him for a bit then Dixie pulls down his shorts. Dixie starts teasing his cock and tickling his feet while Catherine tickles his upper body making him beg them to stop...
  3. J

    Be Our Guest.....If You Dare

    Be Our Guest HD For A Massive Ticklefest One of our fans was dying to get tickled by some of our girls at Fetishcon 2011 so we gave him a chance. Alexis Grace, Catherine Foxx, Brianna Cole, Taylor Raz and Jane have him tied tightly to a table in the dungeon and are ready to play. This poor...
  4. J

    Cum Too Quick

    Cum Too Quick HD And I'll Tickle Your Dick Rain Daniels really loves tickling cocks and she found out this guy has a really big one. She starts out tickling his upper body for a bit to prolong his torment then moves to his feet making him laugh and struggle alot. When she pulls down his...
  5. J

    Ballbusted Drained And Tortured

    Mistress Ashley Is Feeling Generous Now that he is starting to respond to her commands properly Mistress Ashley thinks she is being a bit too nice so while lightly tickling his ass she reaches between his legs and grabs his balls hard making him scream. Since he is responding so well she...
  6. J

    Shhh The Neighbors CUMming 4 girl RUINED ORGASM

    Shhh The Neighbors CUMming HD After We Tickle Him Silly After a long week at the office Catherine invited Alexandria, Lola and Lucy over to her place to blow off a little steam. The girls get to talking, Alexandria Tickles Catherine and the party gets loud. Her next door neighbor pounds on...
  7. J

    He Is Not Screaming Enough YET

    He Is Not Screaming Enough (HD) We will Make Sure He Does Whitney was tickling this guys feet and having some fun when Catherine and Phoebe went looking for her. Apparently Whitney didn't have him laughing loud enough to catch their attention so they decide to help her really tickle torture...
  8. J

    CBT and Post Orgasm Torture

    <br> Angel is brutal when it comes to guys. In this series she twists pulls and smacks this guys balls and nipples, ruins his orgasm and continues to milk his cock and tickle him when he cums. Check out the newest series on Tickled and Abused Males today