public foot worship

  1. GoddessLilith

    Public foot humiliation at the airport

    I love taking My boys out to do extremely humiliating things. Do any of you fantasize about this? Here is a quick video I took on My phone of My slave picking Me up at the airport, I made him get on his knees and worship My feet in front of everyone. he did not hesitate. But would you do it...
  2. C

    2 AM on the supermarket

    This is a history I thought about after going to the supermarket. It's not real, but I wish it was. There are four parts. Tell me what you guys thought about it. Thank you! _________________________________________________________________ Do you believe I went to five gas stations and there...
  3. F

    Public Trampling and Foot Domination!!

    I've just started a clip studio on the theme of women trampling men in public settings. I'd love to have everyone's input on where to take it. Thus far I've shot trample sessions in public parks and quiet streets, but I'm all ears for ideas (realistic--nothing requiring location releases)...