public humiliation

  1. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Fuck you on the Balcony

    FUCK YOU ON THE BALCONY Do you wanna suck My cock while you look down on the Las Vegas strip, hoping that someone will see you? Do you want everyone to see what's fucking wrong with you? I'll fuck you while you scream down at the Bellagio fountains, and you have paid for ALL of this. I'm...
  2. R

    Sabrina's Announcement (FOOTCUCKOLD, FM/M)

    Hi guys, writing a story for the first time, a short one. Not much of a writer, but wanted to try my hand at this. Let me know what you all think. Feedback is appreciated. This story will focus on public humiliation mixed with footcuckolding. I'd like writers to contribute more stories related...
  3. S

    Pope kissing girls feet - foot domination/humiliation!

    Check out the link: Pope kisses girls feet in public!
  4. C

    Walking the Gimp: OUTDOOR HUMILIATION

    Walking the Gimp: OUTDOOR HUMILIATION Cybill and Elena decide that its such a nice day out, that its time to take their gimp slave out of his cage in the dungeon, and out for a nice relaxing walk outside on the city streets to exercise him. But not before leashing, hooding and binding him in a...
  5. M

    Kim Kardashian humiliates Reggie Bush

    . With my hands in a cast (some will consider this a cause for celebration, i realize) i can only type a tad, but as year winds down, want 2 make sure we all take note of the impressive humbling of american football star Reggie Bush by Kim Kardashian. image here is from their femdom fetish...
  6. F

    Public Trampling and Foot Domination!!

    I've just started a clip studio on the theme of women trampling men in public settings. I'd love to have everyone's input on where to take it. Thus far I've shot trample sessions in public parks and quiet streets, but I'm all ears for ideas (realistic--nothing requiring location releases)...