1. subby

    updates from femdomproductions and sadoladies (170819)

    hi friends, here are the infos bout latest updates and news incl. freebies as usual. damn, i posted so many freebies through all the years, some websites even dont have so many images at all...lol :) 1.) in our c4s-store we have a new wonderful shoe/footfetishclip with ultrabeautiful goddess...
  2. highboots

    Care for Shiny Pumps

    Cute Xenia comes to the kitchen where she drinks a tea with her feet in shiny pumps on the table. In a minute she goes to the room where a guy is sleeping. She wakes him up with her foot and he starts to kiss her pump. Then he has to go down on his knees. Xenia takes a seat on the sofa and he...
  3. highboots

    Lick My Shoes

    Dana relaxes in the terrace. Then she goes to the kitchen. She sits down and puts her feet on the slave who is under the table. Dana lets him worship her pumps. He has to lick soles of her shoes too. Later she commands him to lie down to kiss her soles. In the end she takes off her pumps and she...
  4. Nicolas Masoch

    Poll on the 1st woman to step on Barry in "Punishing Prominent Men"

    Well, the poll closed for the "Punishing Prominent Men" post, with stilettos being the most popular footwear, and square-heeled pumps being second. However, when it comes to who will trample Barry first, I got one comment saying the college president, and one saying the dean. Thus, I am going to...
  5. Nicolas Masoch

    Men Under Women's Shoes in Future

    Part 1: Time: mid-21st century It was an exciting day for Abby! She had recently turned 18, and was heading off to college, and would receive a car from the government, due to her being female and to congratuale her on her womanhood. (A new car was part of the coming into womanhood process.)...
  6. Nicolas Masoch

    Poll on the Shoes of the Women to Trample Barry in "Punishing Prominent Men"

    In my latest installment of "Punishing Prominent Men", frat boy and convicted predator was tied to the floor at a women's university to be trampled by the students, faculty, and staff all day. The post ended with the dean and college president deciding to trample Barry before the start of the...
  7. Nicolas Masoch

    A New Kind of Weapon

    Part 1 Phyllis Connor briefed the recruits on the secret mission against the enemy stronghold and the new secret weapon. She shared the footage of the testing of the weapons: Four Latinas were walking down the street: Maria was wearing a white blouse, a black skirt, and 1" black pumps. Gloria...
  8. highboots

    Worship of Pumps under Table

    Madame Verona relaxes outside with her feet in black pumps on the table. When she comes inside, she sits down to the table. Madame lets her slave who is under the table worship her pumps and feet. Finally she orders him to take her shoes off and she puts her soles on his face...
  9. highboots

    Care for Pumps

    Madame Rachel comes to sit down on the sofa and put her legs on a slave. She files her nails and lets her slave to care of her shiny pumps. He kisses and worships her black pumps and feet while she is varnishing her nails on hands. Finally she orders him to take her pumps off...
  10. aestheticTrampling

    Full weight on the heels

    Jana is standing in boots on my torso with full weight on her heels for a long time. After the boots she is going to start in pumps. Both are leaving great heel marks that have been there for a couple of days. Here is a preview, enjoy...
  11. D

    The Footsore Flight Attendants (Fictional foot fetish story).

    The Footsore Flight Attendants. Ch. 1 of 3: Warren's world is rocked. I was not in the best of moods in the first place. I was short on sleep, had a nagging headache, and having to wait for nearly an hour now at the baggage carousel for my single piece of luggage...
  12. highboots

    Under Her Shoes

    Natasha waters the flowers and goes inside where she calls at a slave. He has to kiss her black pumps and makes a step for her to be able sit down on the high chair. Then he can worship her shoes. Later she orders him to take her pumps off and he carries on with worshipping her sweaty feet...
  13. highboots

    Worship My Shoes

    Michelle stands up the desk and impels a working guy to kiss her pumps. Later she sits down on the desk and he still worships her shoes on his knees. Afterwards he takes her pumps off and starts worship her velvety feet. In the end she orders him to bring her ankle boots, put them on and kiss...
  14. highboots

    Captivated with Her Pumps

    Michelle relaxes on the sofa. Suddenly somebody knocks on the door. She goes open. It is a handyman who came to crosscheck the sink. While he is doing that she provokes him with her stunning white pumps. In a minute she challenges him to kiss her pumps. First he worships her shoes on the floor...
  15. highboots

    Suck My Heels

    Princess Lea sits with her feet in high heel pumps on the table. When her slave appears she orders him to shine up her shoes. She commands him to lick and suck the long high heels too. Then she stands up and the slave worships her pumps on the floor. http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  16. highboots

    Shoe Service

    Princess Lea comes to check how her slave is cleaning her shoes. After that she uses him as a mat to sit down on the high chair. She orders him to pass her magazine and put her feet in black pumps on his shoulders. He is allowed to worship her pumps. Finally he takes her shoes off and kisses her...
  17. highboots

    Beneath Pumps

    Peggy smokes in the balcony. Then she goes to make a cup of coffee. Suddenly a slave comes, so she orders him to clean her shoes, not the beautiful pumps she is wearing now, but the other one. While he is cleaning them she steps on his hand and lets him kiss her pump. Later she takes a seat on a...
  18. highboots

    Bratty Girl in Pumps

    Charming Loretta comes inside, takes a seat on sofa and plays with her phone. She sets foot on table in her pumps to set jalousie. When comes a servant she tells him to make her a cup of coffee. Later she goes to room to turn on a fan, but it does not work, so she is upset a little.<br> She...
  19. highboots

    Stunning Long Legs

    Madame Eleanor combs he hair in front of the mirror, than she sits down on the armchair and put her feet in black pumps on the table. Later she calls at a slave to worship her shoes. She steps on him and he kisses her pumps willingly. After that he is ordered to take her pumps off. She puts her...
  20. highboots

    Kiss My Pumps

    Cute Diana sits down on her slave and she is teasing him with her pumps while she is drinking tea. A little while afterwards she orders him to go under the table, where he worships her shoes http://clips4sale.com/female-boot-world