1. trampletime1969

    TrampleTime at PornHub

    Hi friends, I have been getting trampled around for the world for over 15 years and trying to get injured the whole time!!!! I have just started a pornhub account and am making short clips from my videos for sale, check them out: www.pornhub.com/users/trampletime If you want anything custom...
  2. Furetto

    The Art of Stomach Beating (hard belly punching and kicking)

    Videos of belly punching and stomach kicking avalaible in two stores: Fetish Obsession https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/123995/fetish-obsession Stomach Demolition https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/79627/stomach-demolition The title speaks for itself: in this video performance Giadina, black...
  3. Furetto

    A lesson in Taekwondo (with a professional female fighter)

    Video at https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/123995/fetish-obsession Misia Marelli is a sadistic lady who enjoys punching and kicking her victims during a beatdown session; she thinks it's an excellent way to express her anger! However, in order to really hurt someone you need to hit not only...
  4. Furetto

    Human Antistress (Hard Stomach Demolition and brutal beatdown)

    Full video at Stomach Demolition store https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/79627/stomach-demolition Roberta is talking with her best friend Giadina about the problems that caused her some emotional pain, when she comes across this very odd newspaper advertisement: «Are you nervous? Are you angry...
  5. Furetto

    Balls Massacre (Fetish Obsession.. for balls demolition!)

    Video at https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/123995/fetish-obsession This video is taken during a morning BDSM session «chez» Misia Marelli - alias Lady The Witch - one of the most famous (and cruellest) italian mistress. The victim is - as usual - a leather pants lover, who is able to withstand...
  6. Furetto

    A Painful Belly Game (Stomach Demolition)

    https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/79627/stomach-demolition This video is aimed at all those people who love the Abs of Steel Challenges and adore watching a victim beaten in the midsection with powerful blows. The rules of this one-side beatdown challenge are very simple: Little Acab - a...
  7. S

    Destroying the Black Girl's Abs with Belly Punching!

    Visit our website for more pics and clips!:)
  8. S

    Scarlett's Belly Punching KO Destruction

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  9. S

    Blind-Woman's-Buff turns into Blind Belly Punching KO

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  10. FemdomFights

    Chanell Heart Femdom Boxing

    Chanell Heart is back and it's Kay's first time in the HTM ring to face her! More than just fantasy femdom, Chanell lands many hard shots to his body. More info and preview on http://htmwrestling.com/boxing/chanell-vs-kay
  11. FemdomFights

    Sinn Sage Kicking Ass in Mixed Boxing

    Sinn Sage returns for a new fantasy mixed boxing match! Sinn Sage is in the HTM ring shadowboxing. Darrius enters, complimenting her punches. But can she spar? The challenge is made and the match is on! Darrius starts off strong, pummeling Sinn and keeping her dazed. A few minutes...
  12. M

    The Domina Nyx and Jade Indica Double Beatdown HD

    www.mmadomination.net Domina Nyx and Jade Indica are feeling a little mischievous. They ask this schlub if he wants to play a game with them. They roll a set of dice numbered from 1-99: Odds are punches, evens are kicks and knees. The cruel little game quickly disintegrates into all-out...
  13. M

    The Domina Nyx Revenge beatdown Hardcore - MMA

    The Fucking Amazng Domina Nyx brings our resident loser into the white room for his FINAL beating to prove why She is worthy of such an amazing title. She puts him through the paces and takes him on a tour of Hell, DN-style. Vicious stomach punches have this jackoff squirming in agony; but...
  14. P

    After School Beating by LEXI

    PC GUY should know better than to date high school girls, who are also gymnasts. He dates the lovely blonde LEXI, but while she's in school, he decides to hang with his friends. When he gets home, LEXI meets him in the backyard, and she's PISSED! More a beatdown than a ballbust, LEXI slams PC...
  15. T

    Tozani.net September 03rd Update !

    :eek: TOZANI.NET : Mixed martial arts comedy action movies :eek: The most exciting mixed fighting movies on the net ! NEW !! Follow us on Facebook ! ====> tozani.net ====> Our Clips4Sale store ====> Karategirls POV Today's update - 03/09/2011 : The Antisocial Network ...
  16. slaveandy

    Crudelis Amator Updates (Ballbusting/BDSM)

    RACHEL IS BACK TO WAIL ON ANDY Rachel Sinclair returns for a one sided fight against andy. He knows the drill, just stand there and let her wail on him. Belly punches, nut kicks, face slaps, scissor holds, and nerve damaging leg kicks....andy takes it all. Rachel makes sure his whole body is...
  17. slaveandy

    BBW Bliss Smothers the Ballbusted Slave

    Slave is now regretting asking Miss Bliss for that ballbusting he took earlier and is trying to rest his swollen nuts. Bliss though has worked up a good sweat kicking his balls to a pulp and does not want to let that sweat go to waste. So she sits on his face with her sweaty fishnet and panty...
  18. slaveandy

    Balls, Confidence!

    Dia Zerva just lost a tough boxing match and her confidence has taken a hit. She is still on a bit of an adrenaline rush from the match, but being on the road she dosn not have anything to train on. She wakes her houseboy who is touring with her and has him help her out using him as a human...
  19. S

    The notorious Psycho Twins

    Sample Clip: http://www.evs-fetishline.com/sample/gd8_1_WMV9_768x576_2400.wmv http://www.evs-fetishline.com/sample/gd8_1_H264_768x576_2400.mp4 Schlagendegirls.com: http://www.schlagendegirls.com/ enjoy!
  20. S

    Jolie from schlagende girls (Jolie and Peeping-Tom)

    May 21th, 2010 Hey everyone. Here's a sample of our newest update. Our site is updated three times a week so be sure to check back. Clip Description: In a basement garage Jolie is traced by a greedy Peeping-Tom to the toilet. He is nuts about her delicate, sun-tanned, beautiful...