1. G

    Vegas Baby

    "Open your mouth." she demanded. I shook my head no then she pulled out a switch blade. "Open your mouth or I'll castrate you and feed your dick and balls to my dog then bury you alive in the desert." she said. I reluctantly opened my mouth and she placed a clamp to ensure my mouth was open...
  2. S

    A Merciless Whipping By Miss Wood

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM http://www.sado-ladies.com/index.php/corporal-punishment/1465-a-merciless-whipping-by-miss-woods here we have the next clip with very popular goddess miss jessica from united kingdom. it starts with her announcing that she will dish out today a very...
  3. S

    A Hard Belting

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM http://sbp2ccb9c0n.sado-ladies.com/index.php/female-domination/1458-a-hard-belting supersadistic lady mistress ezada is in a punishment mode today. and when this mistress is in punishment mode this usually means a suffering from hell for every slave...
  4. D

    The Footsore Flight Attendants (Fictional foot fetish story).

    The Footsore Flight Attendants. Ch. 1 of 3: Warren's world is rocked. I was not in the best of moods in the first place. I was short on sleep, had a nagging headache, and having to wait for nearly an hour now at the baggage carousel for my single piece of luggage...
  5. NatalyaSadici

    Unacceptable Presentation: the cane

    The following clip is now available at http://clips4sale.com/studio/30362 Unacceptable Presentation: the cane Even though slave c's ass is practically hamburger meat, Mistress Natalya Sadici takes out the cane! With swift and increasingly harder strikes of the cane, She demands a proper...
  6. JulieSimone

    Slipper Spanking

    Video Update : "Slipper Spanking POV" - Curvy redhead Julie Simone is tired of spanking you. It doesn't seem to have any effect on you anymore so She's going to take it up a notch by giving you a spanking with a rubber soled slipper. It might look harmless but it's going to hurt! It's going to...
  7. J

    New caning and whipping clip at Elegant femdom

    We have some new hard clips for you. If you have any comment you can wish here :)
  8. B

    Bend Over Like The Bitch You Are

    Mistress Olivia bends slave Sarah Blake over for a spanking on her sore red ass as punishment for acting a fool with the farm animals. She decides a metal cock would go nicely with the bright, red ass, so she grabs a metal dildo and, after mouth fucking her to get it warmed up and wet, she jams...
  9. S


    Not staged. Real punishment for a real offense. Video is 13 minutes long and entirely free. FREE F/F PUNISHMENT VIDEO
  10. S

    DominaNyx questions & beats Her slave before allowing the slave to leave Her quarters

    After having Angel kneel on rice for her first spanking since her dismissal, Domina Nyx calls her into the parlor and has her bend over, tucking her skirt into her panties. She interrogates Angel, deliberately embarrassing her with questions about "how it feels to be spanked on her bare bottom"...
  11. G

    My secret fantasies

  12. R

    Crushed beneath 78" of booty blubber

    Squirmin' Herman gets a nice dose of squashing and facesitting from Maxi Moon in this week's new set at www.ssbbwsgonewild.com . Herman is smothered and crushed beneath Maxi's hugeness, just look at how her ass covers his small frame from his face all the way to his waist. She drops her massive...
  13. C

    Domestic CANE Punishment

    Domestic CANE Punishment Sometime, the only way to make a boy behave is some good old-fashioned corporal punishment. Cybill likes this boy face down, ass up so he can continue sucking on her perfect toes while she canes him from every possible angle on the back and ass. Starting with wooden...
  14. M

    Punishment Caning w/Mistress Ariana **Available Now**

    "Mistress Ariana has her slave bound to a table waiting for his punishment to begin. With each strike of the cane this bitch learns that disrespect will not be tolerated. Mistress Ariana has no mercy for disrespectful slaves. When he fails to say thank you for Mistress punishing him it seems to...
  15. M

    Rubber Studio - Smoking Out Slave x

    Smoking out slave X Mistress Valera has decided to deprive Her slave the privilege of smoking for an entire week. At the end of the week, she brings in Goddess Omi to have some fun at his expense. They put him in a latex body bag and secure his body to the bondage bed to insure he hasn’t an...
  16. M

    Discipline Academy - Goddess Omi Punishes Again!

    Goddess Omi Punishes Again Goddess Omi is back at it, forever prepared to discipline an unruly slave. This poor slave gets his back torn at with Her long fingernails as She forces him to declare that he is Her slave and that he belongs solely to Her, as Her property. To emphasize this...
  17. M

    Discipline Academy - Goddess Omi's Revenge

    Goddess Omi's Torn Stocking Revenge Slave Bob has the privilege to worship his Goddess’ feet and he should be grateful. However, he should also be careful and delicate, which he was not, resulting in a rip in one of Goddess Omi’s favorite stockings! Goddess Omi decides to make use of Her...
  18. R

    Naughty elf gets The Ass... all 420 lbs of it!

    This week at www.ssbbwsgonewild.com , Herman is a lazy elf who went on strike and refused to make any more toys. Beefy babe Crystal Star is in charge at the north pole this year, and she isn't having that. So the lovely Crystal plops her massive poundage right on mr elf and crushes his face...
  19. C

    Cock and Ball Torture

    Every pleasure is paid for with a pain. Not only one but TWO of my boy toys today have needed me to really pull out all the tricks.How much fun I get to have - I feel like the MacGuyver of Femdom. Each presented me with available items ready for use. Caller #1 Tube of Icy Hot Q-tip...