1. TheTouch1108

    Completely new.

    Hey! I'm a complete noob here, and I just want to know what the requests are. Also, does this place have roleplay? Forgive me if I sound dumb.
  2. W Question.

    Im aware you guys DRM your videos, but Im on a mac, is there anyway to be able to watch them on OSX or do I need windows? Thanks!
  3. BBW Mistress Victoria

    I thought this was a FemDom Forum ?

    So why is it we have some much other BBW stuff Lately? I see a Lot of it not related to Fem Dom any more, At least here in the BBW Section! Is it happening in other sections? Do we need more moderators or is the site Ok with this? I know I have occasionally posted a new Model, who will be doing...
  4. T

    question on video editing

    i've several clips which show some secretely taken stuff in public (trampling, face kicking) and which i want to show at the tr image and video board. unfortunately, however, the interesting scenes are a little far away in the original clip and i'd like to zoom-in on the relevant material...