real time fetish session

  1. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Added new clips in my

    ssbbw domme clips 4 sale today Today it was dangling but i have lots of BBW and ssbbw clips in the face sitting as well and so much more! So come by see what I been doing to Who!
  2. B

    My first time visiting a scat queen

    i'd like to share my first time experience visiting a scat queen, please note that English is not my native language but an effort has been made so the story will be as smooth and coherent as possible. this story is 100% and i felt i had to share it with a scat loving community. so last...
  3. MissMinaBBW

    Booking Fun Real Time Fetish Sessions In Los Angeles Feb/march 2011 Meet Me In Person

    When: Los Angeles, CA February/March 2011 (EXACT DATES WILL BE RELEASED SOON) Who: MissMinaBBW & Platinum Puzzy How: Read below What: Fun, safe real time fetish sessions In almost years of being a fat & famous big butt solo girl I have received numerous emails from fans that want to...