1. Princess Indigo

    Out Of The Shadows - Erotic Hypnosis Video

    A brand new magically alluring Gothic mindfuck. The sound of my voice becoming ten times more seductive than it was before. Lost in wave after wave of dark sensual delicious pleasure. With one breathtakingly beautiful picture after another. My shiny black lips and long gothic fingernails...
  2. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxor Vs Scorpion: Sensual Smothers

    At Fetish Con, Lana Luxor challenges UK visitor Scorpion to a smothering match which consist of breast, foot, ass, hand and belly smothers! There can only be one winner and as one of the ladies become exhaust with fatigue, the other begins to dominate and finishes her opponent off with a reverse...
  3. Marc70

    SNIFF my sweaty FUZZY SOCKS !!!

    Sweet lesbian Punk Jamie Kaate takes off her boots and places both smelly fuzzy socks on the slaves face. She orders him to breathe trough her stinky , brutal worn socks and he enjoy the sweaty of her feet. and (premium site)
  4. Marc70

    FORCED to SMELL .... and to lick and to SUCK!!! :D

    Redhead Lady Karo has her salve to her feet as she takes off her sneakers and rubs her stinky, sweaty socks on his face and forces him to smell the sweat of her feet. Lady Karo is a radical, merciless mistress and she knows how to tease a footslave. and...
  5. AATBxxx


    BOOT DOMINATION - SLAVE TRAINING - BOOT WORSHIP - BOOT FETISH - FEMALE DOMINATION Desiring to be underneath my boots? Eager to serve? This video perhaps will make you think twice... MISSROPER.COM He desires to serve, but hasn't the slightest clue of what I have in store for him. Fucking his...
  6. JulieSimone

    Re-Programming You Smoking Challenge JOI

    Re-programming You Smoking Challenge JOI w Cum Countdown So many of you slaves think that submitting to a Mistress revolves around your orgasm which couldn't be further from the truth. If I give you the privilege of having an orgasm it's going to happen exactly when I say or not at all. It...
  7. JulieSimone

    New Whip - Femdom Whipping

    Mistress Julie Simone has purchased a new whip and is very excited about breaking it in on a slave. She cuffs Her slave to Her suspension rack then gets to work! She gives him a little warm up with a soft flogger and a harder flogger made with rubber strips and tougher leather, before going to...
  8. JulieSimone

    Forced Intox Shopping Trip w Smoking Cock Tease

    Viagra Shopping Trip Forced Intox Smoking Cock Tease Mistress Julie Simone knows that an aroused man is so much easier to control so She chops up a viagra pill, mixes it with water, squirts it in Her slave's ass, then puts a jeweled steel butt plug in him to make sure none of it drips out...
  9. JulieSimone

    Pantyhose Leg Scissor Mixed Wrestling

    Pantyhose Leg Scissors Mixed Wresting Curvy amazon Julie Simone wrestles diaper boy while wearing a cleavage baring lace bodysuit and Wolford pantyhose. She applies a variety of leg scissor holds on him with Her long, strong legs until he finally submits Buy the clip at...
  10. F

    Clip Review: Show Me How Easy It is to Break You

    The only way to experience true satisfaction is by submitting to Mistress B. By following her commands, and not just your body’s natural reactions, she will guide you into uncharted depths of arousal and fulfillment. By pleasing her, you will please yourself. And, today, it all begins by not...
  11. L

    Goddess Leila's new slave

    So far this bitch boy has proven himself useful but for our next session I want to put him through even more. Anal training & GS are on the list... All clips up now at
  12. JulieSimone

    Batter Up Your Ass Pt 1 - Bitchslapped & Spat Upon

    Batter Up Your Ass Pt 1 : Bitch Slapped & Spat Upon Curvy Julie Simone, dressed in a latex baseball uniform, has the bad umpire that made Her team lose the game tied up in Her hotel room. She wakes him up by slapping him in the face. What follows is a barrage of verbal abuse paired with...
  13. JulieSimone

    Controlled by My Cleavage JOI

    Controlled by My Cleavage JOI - I know what kind of a man you are. You like big tits. You can't control yourself. You'll do and say whatever you have to to be around these big tits. I tease you with them and tell you to stroke your cock while I talk about My big tits and the things you'll need...
  14. JulieSimone

    Go to Sleep Under My Ass Jeans FaceSitting

    Curvy redhead Julie Simone comes in to find slave f sleeping instead of working! Since he wants to be sleep, Julie decides to put him out for good under Her voluptuous ass! Julie is barefoot in jeans and a tank top. She plops Her ass on his head over and over again and for longer periods of time...
  15. JulieSimone

    Giantess Boob Crush - Julie Simone

    Giantess Boob Crush : You were making rude comments so I shrunk you down and locked you in a cage. I take you out to play with you and torment you, commenting on how little and tiny you are. I decide your place is between my big fat tits where I can easily crush you. You try to struggle but...
  16. JulieSimone

    Pantysniffers Get Spanked!

    Just added to the members’ section : Pantysniffers Get Spanked! Julie Simone catches Her roommate sniffing Her panties - again! She decided to teach him a lesson She hopes he'll never forget. She starts by tying Her panties over his head, then puts him over Her knee for an intense spanking...
  17. FemdomFights

    Andrea Mixed Boxing Domination

    Throwback Thursday to Andrea's debut match at HTM. She's strong, skilled, and likes to hurt men. She makes Duncan look like a punk ass pussy with this boxing beatdown! See the fight on Preview clip available Fantasy femdom mixed boxing
  18. F

    Mistress B - Pumping Puppet

    I am Mistress B's puppet. Her mindless drone. She control my thoughts; my movements; my entire body. I am her puppet. She is the one who pulls my pathetic little strings. I exist at her whim. It feels so good to be Mistress B's mindless puppet. To stroke at her command, to obey her orders...
  19. JulieSimone

    Violating his Mistress Pt 2 Intense Punishment Caning

    Violating his Mistress Part 2 - Intense Caning When Julie Simone wakes up to Her slave fucking Her feet, She is pissed. She scolds the slave, then has him get on his hands and knees with his ass high up in the air and his back arched so She can administer an intense punishment caning. When the...
  20. F

    Mistress B - Ass Kisser

    I cannot lie, I am such an ass kisser for my Mistress. I kiss her ass nearly every time we talk. And a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to kiss her ass literally in person. It was one of the greatest moments of my loser life. But first I had to degrade myself immensely just to earn the...