reenaye starr

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    GhOulS jUsT WaNtA hAvE FUn dedicated to Gorehound and my minions

    So i have these ungrateful, undead bitches locked in my basement. I let them out at night to lure unsuspecting closeted and face sitting fa's back to their doom. Occasionally they bring back a bewitching plumper, but they get tired of toying with them, and they are fat ghouls so then they end...
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    Eat little girl so you can get as big as me or take the punishment

    This week at supersized beauty Reenaye Starr decides to give plumper Katie Jewel lessons in how to gain and grow up big and fat. But Katie isnt eating fast enough for Reenaye, so she pins her beneath her massive 389 lb body and force feeds her. But when Katie can't keep...
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    Reenaye's bulging booty smashes him into submission

    This week at Reenaye Starr is back, and she's enjoying some facesitting and facehumping fun with Majidah Jayde. These 2 hefty honeys take turns facesitting and smothering poor Herman, and bouncing and grinding his face between their bulging ass cheeks and jiggling thighs...