1. waytoextreme

    An Ashley Madison Victim

  2. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Blow Smoke Into MY Tube?

    The Office Gals are getting their revenge for not being allow to have Smoking breaks by their NON smoking Boss! They have him tied to a chair, wrapped in Saran Wrap, The Have taped up his Mouth and nose after putting a tube in for air so he wont ! Instead of just getting Air they are Blowing...
  3. M

    The Domina Nyx Revenge beatdown Hardcore - MMA

    The Fucking Amazng Domina Nyx brings our resident loser into the white room for his FINAL beating to prove why She is worthy of such an amazing title. She puts him through the paces and takes him on a tour of Hell, DN-style. Vicious stomach punches have this jackoff squirming in agony; but...
  4. J

    Mandy Taylor Tricks And Tortures Her Boyfriend

    Mandy Taylors Ticklish Toughguy A Years Worth Of Payback!! Mandy Taylor called me about doing some tickle scenes a few weeks ago and asked me for a favor. Her boyfriend constantly overpowers her and tickles her at home. When she told me he was ticklish I knew this would be fun. We strapped...
  5. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Revenge for Susan!

    My friend Susan's Brother and I get some revenge from the dumb ass who broke her heart! First scene Her brother is at the beach digging a great big hole ! Next scene him and another guy kidnap the the dumb ass and buried him deep in the sand, only leaving his head out! I come along and tease him...
  6. J

    Theres No Mercy Here

    This guy thought he could get away with tying up Mistress Tara and tickling her but he he was way wrong. She tracked him down, knocked him out and brought him back to her dungeon. When he starts to wake up Tara begins to get her revenge on him by tickling his upper body and ribs. Even though he...
  7. G

    Steph's Revenge

    My first story, please comment and let me know if you like it.*All characters are over 18 years of age* Hi my name is Steph, I am a senior in high school. I am a natural redhead with a body that makes the boys go crazy, especially my ass. I always catch guys staring at my ass. For some...
  8. J

    Mistress Ashley Edmonds Makes Him Pay

    Ashley Edmonds is a vicious dom that doesn't tolerate perverts very well. This particular boy was spying on her sister in the shower and Ashley is pissed. She abducts the perv and ties him up spread eagle to give her access to his entire body. She tickle tortures and slaps the creep into...