riding boots

  1. jimmmywanng

    Mistress Alisha Bartlett - Skinny Pony Training - with video preview

    Jimmy is checking the sales for his Mistress Alisha when she shows up in a bikini and boots! she asks if he has been working out... and he has not. she throws him to the ground and then sits on his back, like a pony, forcing him to do sets of push-ups while she bounces and kicks him! Mistress...
  2. highboots

    Ponyboy Dressage

    Cameron rides on shoulders of her ponyboy. After that she takes a seat and orders him to kiss her Aigle riding boots. In a minute comes Nora. She takes a seat too and uses the ponyslave as a footrest while he is worshipping Cameron's riding boots. Later Nora brings teas. Finally Cameron saddles...
  3. highboots

    Under Their Boots

    Cameron is riding on her ponyslave. In a minute rings the doorbell. She goes open the door her friend Nora. They go to the kitchen to make coffee. Cameron orders the slave to lie down and they stand on him. Then the girls sit down and Cameron commands him to kiss her riding boot. Nora puts her...
  4. highboots

    Foot Service

    Cameron takes a seat on the sofa and the slave has to serve as a footstool for her. In a minute Nora does not resist to touch Cameron's amazing riding boots. Cameron asks her to make massage her booted feet. After that Nora takes a seat too and the slave kisses her brown boots. Then Cameron...
  5. highboots

    Worship Our Boots

    Cameron and Nora come inside, sit down to the table and allow their slave to care of their boots. Girls talk and play music while their slave worships Cameron's riding boots and Nora's brown boots under the table. He is utterly surrounded by their boots...
  6. S

    Aigles riding boots long lasting impressions...

    Mmm click here for fantastic deep imprints and long lasting impressions... Very nice these rubber Aigles ridingboots, and the deep imprints they leave after some trampling... Love it!
  7. highboots

    Clean My Dirty Riding Boots

    Nora relaxes on the sofa with her feet on the slave. Suddenly rings the doorbell. It is Cameron who came from ride, so her Aigle riding boots are dirty. Nora goes to make a coffee for her friend. Cameron takes a seat and orders the slave to clean her riding boots. So he starts to lick them...
  8. highboots

    Evening Cleaning

    Cameron and Nora are walking along rocks. Suddenly they catch sight of a guy sitting under the shelter. Cameron sits down on the table, knocks him down and orders him to clean her riding boots. The guy kneels down and starts to lick her amazing boots. Nora persistently pokes him with her wellies...
  9. highboots

    Lick My Boots

    When Katherine comes inside she looks for a slave to clean her luxury Calvin Klein boots. The slave has to kneel down and lick her rubber boots to be shiny. After cleaning she takes a seat and allows the boot cleaner to worship her stunning boots while she is reading a magazine. Finally he is...
  10. highboots

    Equestrian Dressage

    Madame Foxy rides on the horse in her riding gear, jodhpurs and riding boots with spurs. As soon as she settles down and ties the horse on the leash, she goes to her pony slave who waits at a tree. She fixes him the headstall up and begins to drill him. First he has to run on a leash around his...
  11. MadameMarissa

    Loser licks my dirty riding boots

    My sexy riding boots are all dirty - and I'm going to make the slave clean them with his tongue! He has to lick the dirty soles and swallow all the dirt and mud underneath. To humiliate him even more I spit on the boots and order him to lick the spit off as well. Obviously he's disgusted and...
  12. highboots

    Serve Riding Girl

    When Natasha returns from a ride she attacks her bootslave who is slumped under the table. She commands him to kiss and lick her Aigle riding boots. Then she uses him as a step to stand on table and he has to care of her boots impelled with whip. Later Natasha takes a seat on the sofa and he is...
  13. highboots

    Keep My Riding Boots Shiny

    Natasha comes to the small railway station where she orders her slave to go down on all fours and she is sitting on him. Then she takes a seat on a bench and commands her boot licker to clean her stunning riding boots. Later when she comes to the car he has to lick her riding boots again. That...
  14. highboots

    Cleaning at Fountain

    When Natasha comes down to the waterhole she orders her slave to kneel down to kiss her riding boots. Later she pins him down to use him as a carpet to go and stand on a concrete jut. The bootslave has to lick her Aigle riding boots to be clean. In the end she rinses her boots in the stream and...
  15. highboots

    Passion for Riding Boots

    Angelica comes to the house in the evening. She notices Natasha's Aigle riding boots left there. Angelica cannot resist touch them. She takes them to the bed and starts to fondle with them. The boots are so irresistible that she must lick them. Later she takes her pants off and rubs the riding...
  16. highboots

    Riding Boots Lesson

    Natasha rides on her ponyboy inside. She knocks off his legs and teases him with her riding boots. She walks on him and let him kiss her stunning riding boots. After that she commands him to climb up the table where he worships her boots for her pleasure. Later he serves to her riding boots on...
  17. highboots

    Drill in Riding Boots

    Natasha rides on shoulders of her ponyslave. When she dismounts from him, she commands him to kiss her Aigle riding boots. At that he worships her boots she steps on his head too. Later she sits down on the table and sends him for an ashtray. Then he has to lick her riding boots. Finally she...
  18. highboots

    Worship in Bed

    Princess Lea lies down on the bed and lets her slave worship her rubber boots. So he is kissing and licking her wonderful boots. In the end he takes her boots off, puts them away in his mouth and brings her ankle boots. http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  19. highboots

    Beneath Her Boots

    Mistress is moving in the kitchen and her bootslave worships her boots. Later she makes a horse from him and rides on him to the armchair. Then he has to worship her boots. Finally she uses him as her “bootstool” http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  20. highboots

    Boot Obedience

    Mistress Kasandra enters the house where a slave is cleaning the floor. She attacks him with her boot. She sits down on the table and orders him to kiss her riding boots. So he worships her amazing boots on his knees… http://c4s.com/female-boot-world