ruined male orgasm

  1. AATBxxx

    Ruined At The Hands Of Miss Roper - BOUND RUINED ORGASM

    Today on MISSROPER.COM... Hands balled up in leather mitts, legs and arms strapped, chained by the neck to my dungeon furniture; he truly doesn't understand the sensually sadistic torment I am about to bestow upon him. My body encased in rubber, shining opera latex gloves gracing my fingers...
  2. AATBxxx

    Ruining A Gimp's Orgasm

    MISSROPER.COM presents... "Ruining A Gimp's Orgasm" RUINED ORGASM - FORCED ORGASM - BONDAGE MALE - STRAITJACKET - HANDJOBS He thought because he's hot a big, thick cock that he was safe. Foolish male. My sexual interests and desires, strive on sensual sadism. This is why I've got him tightly...
  3. donatien

    Best of ruined orgasm

    Come to watch the best of ruined orgams, I'm a very crazy girl with my slaves locked up :)
  4. NatalyaSadici

    Ruined Release

    The following clip is now available for purchase at Ruined Release With balls tied to his ankles and arms restrained overhead Mistress Natalya Sadici challenges Her slave. It's been a full evening of CBT to make him earn a release. After 60 days in chastity with...
  5. B

    Orgasm Under Duress

    I do let my personal slave orgasm...sometimes. He's been in chastity for 10 days waiting for me to unlock him and the poor thing is so horny. Today is his lucky day! I'm letting him out of chastity and he will get a chance to orgasm. But I'm still going to make it fun for me :) I put a zapper...
  6. J

    Cameron Wants To Play

    Cameron is a senior classmen at Tickling U and she just loves tormenting new pledges. After some of her sisters have teased the new guy and made him a few special drinks its time for Cameron to have some fun. She teases his cock with her soft hands and once he is hard she tickles him while he...
  7. P

    ballbusting kicked to ruined orgasm

    Lady P has her new Christian Louboutin patent high heel shoes on and kicks her little slave hard several times...Shes in a very devious mood and spits in his mouth. Her feet are wet and they smell - she spits in them and puts her foot back in...then forced her slave to lick her dirty feet. She...
  8. J

    Bratty Step Sister Ruins His Orgasm

    Bratty Stepsisters Revenge You'll Pay For What You Did Shawn came home after a late night and passed out. While he was sleeping his step sister Stella decides to teach him a lesson and ties him to her bed. When he wakes up Stella reminds him of his transgressions then begins to tickle...