russian language

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    Russian Goddess Torture w/Mistress Renee

    Discipline Academy "Russian Goddess Torture" Russian Goddess Mistress Renee speaks in her native language while destroying slave bill's nipples. Using her sharp finger nails, she squeezes and pulls them causing bill to cry out in pain. Once she has him enough she slaps his face while...
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    Cemetery Ass Tease - Russian Version

    The narration in this clip is done in pure sexy Russian language! This is the description and translation of the text: I have been walking around of an old cemetery, looking at the ancient graves and monuments. I have noticed that you are following Me, you Beta-male, haven't you? Instead of...
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    Cemetery Ass Tease - Russian Version

    I am just wondering if anybody is into viewing clips with the language other than their native? Does it turn you on just to see a beautiful woman talking to you in a dominant manner, feel her attitude, observe her facial expression, but being left to guess what exactly she is telling you? I...