1. NatalyaSadici

    Sun For Moon: Cartilage Paddle

    The following video is now available for purchase at Sadici Studios Sun For Moon: Cartilage Paddle The cartilage paddle is one of the more nasty implements in Lady Wolf's arsenal. She generously hands Me this weapon of ass destruction with a diabolical gleam in Her eye before cameras start to...
  2. normbob

    'Clothespins torture (Giantess)' from Femdom Dreams

    Hi everybody, The Unique ERIKA (6'2" of dominant beauty) shows us how sadistic she can be in this "clothespin torture" clip. First she puts around ten of them all over his face; his lips, nose, eye lids, tongue (painful!). Then she puts one on each of his tits. Then the fun begins (for Erika...
  3. AATBxxx

    Busted To Tears - Brutal Ballbusting

    Category: BALLBUSTING Related Categories: BALL ABUSE, FEMALE DOMINATION, CBT, DOMINATION Keywords: Miss Roper, Toby Springs This is hands down, my most ruthless ballbusting video yet... When Toby Springs decided to venture to my place to film, he never imagined himself getting caught in my...
  4. I


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  5. slaveandy

    Sororiety Girls Attack (Ballbsuting/Trampling)

    Sororiety sisters Jamie and Dee are enjoying a nice tall glass of wine before they hit the town. Little do they know one of the local college guys is peeping and hoping to catch some girl on girl action. He accidentally reveals himself by making too much noise when he is jerking off. The girls...
  6. M

    Punishment Caning w/Mistress Ariana **Available Now**

    "Mistress Ariana has her slave bound to a table waiting for his punishment to begin. With each strike of the cane this bitch learns that disrespect will not be tolerated. Mistress Ariana has no mercy for disrespectful slaves. When he fails to say thank you for Mistress punishing him it seems to...
  7. slaveandy

    Bliss Tramples on Mr. Squishy

    BBW Miss Bliss shows off her sexy curves during what turned out to be a brutal trampling session with slave andy. Very soon after she begins she comments on how squishy a rug slave andy is and proceeds to call him squishy throughout the rest of the session. Mr. Squishy struggles immensely taking...
  8. W

    Cassidy's Wicked Whipping

    "Cassidy's Wicked Whipping Cassidy enters to find her victim strung up and ready to endure her wrath. Her sexy smile lights up the room as she whips the victim without mercy. Switching between a heavy flogger, and a bullwhip, the show of excitement never leaves her face. Cassidy is gorgeous...
  9. W

    Miss Varla & Miss Aurora Sadistic CBT Torment

    "Sadistic CBT Torment Miss Varla, and Miss Aurora are a lethal combination of beauty and sadism. The deviants at their mercy is taught a lesson in how to properly worship Miss Aurora's feet. His balls are tied with twine and tugged on everytime his lips touch her feet and not her shoes. Once...