1. Marc70

    Face Trampling, sandal trampling and Barefoot Trampling

    A young , cute Trampling Mistress
  2. Nicolas Masoch

    A New Kind of Weapon

    Part 1 Phyllis Connor briefed the recruits on the secret mission against the enemy stronghold and the new secret weapon. She shared the footage of the testing of the weapons: Four Latinas were walking down the street: Maria was wearing a white blouse, a black skirt, and 1" black pumps. Gloria...
  3. Marc70

    WORSHIP our FEET and clean our SHOES FOOTSLAVE (Miss Ivy & Miss Mary)

    Miss Ivy and Miss Mary force their foot slave to worship their dirty sandals and their kissable bare feet Visit Clips4Sale:
  4. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Flip Flop Thong Slap 2

    FLIP FLOP THONG SLAP 2 Watch Me flip flop flap flap all the way up and down the lane! There's not a lot of dialogue, if any, in this - just the way My eyes and lips speak to you without saying a word. And sign language. The naughty kind. Even when I'm a cute little brat, I'm simply...
  5. Jewel

    logger sole heels crushing brownies to pulp and you have the chance to buy them and lick them clean! my good ole logger sole sandals are wearing out and i decided to do a treat crush with them and leave the mess in the soles for a lucky lave to lick clean... buy the video here and buy the shoes on ebay...
  6. Jewel

    sexy tan evening sandals crush his cock until he blows his load! side camera view! watch my sexy high heel thin sole sandals torture and abuse this slaves cock until he blows his load! this is the side view only!
  7. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Flip Flop Thong Slap

    FLIP FLOP THONG SLAP Let's go way back, to My original foot fetish and shoe fetish videos. This time, it's even better. Watch Me flip flop flap across the floor, and you'll feel like a happy little foot boy lying on the floor, viewing from below. Each step is loud as My thong sandals slap...
  8. Jewel

    shoe job cum shot "cumpilation" 7 shoe jobs 14 cum shots in 1 clip! if watching that cock explode and squirt huge loads of cum under my sexy shoes is your thing you will love this clip! this is just the cum shots from the last few months of videos i have made! watch him cum on a stool and see it...
  9. UnderGiantessFeet

    Big Gorgeous Feet Worship Slave Girl

    Bratty girl Emily forces slave girl Linda to worship feet and sandals. Emily has big strong feet 10US. She wears her sexy leather gladiator sandals. Slave girl kisses and licks Emily long toes in open sandals. Then Emily makes slave girl to lick dirt from bottoms of her sandals. Unpleasantly for...
  10. UnderGiantessFeet

    Lick My Big Feet And Old Sandals

    Lana makes slave girl to worship her feet. First, she forces her to clean dirty soles of old sandals. Lana spits on her sandals and makes to lick her spit. Slave girl licks spit from stinky and well worn insoles. She was so disgusted to do it. Lena is amused. She laughs at her, “You are so...
  11. UnderGiantessFeet

    New Slave Girl learns to Lick Feet

    New model Jennifer makes our new slave girl Lucy to worship her feet. She orders to kiss her beautiful toes I sexy sandals. Then Jennifer forces her to clean dirty bottoms of these sandals. Miserable slave girl licks all street dirt and dust from sandals of her mistress. She does not like it...
  12. UnderGiantessFeet

    Clean My Feet Fucking Slave

    New lovely ebony model Jessica makes slave to worship her feet. First, she makes foot slave to clean dirty soles of her sandals. She came to shoot in these sandals. Jessica absolutely do not care that slave have to lick from her dirty soles. So, slave lick all street dirt from her shoes like a...
  13. Zonda

    Latina Giantess Lisa Crushes A Bug Man HD

    Latina Giantess Lisa Crushes A Bug Man HD FULL HD Clip (1920x1080) - Latin Crush Goddesses proudly introduce our new Latina Crush Goddess. She is Latina Princess Lisa, a small young girl but a cruel Goddess and Giantess. Latina Princess Lisa is a something different that we bring to our...
  14. UnderGiantessFeet

    Slavegirl Foot Humiliation

    Slavegirl licks old well worn Vanessa's sandals. First Vanessa makes to lick dirty soles of her sandals. She wipes the soles rough on the slave's tongue. When the sole becomes clean Vanessa makes to sniff and lick sweaty insoles of her old sandals. Finally slavegirl licks bare soles and sucks...
  15. cbtrampling

    Legjob between Lara Cuore's smooth Legs

    The slave has to kneel on the floor and wait for his Mistress. Slowly she walks towards her victim and with her awesome legs she strokes slave's cock and balls until his cock grows. Lara takes the chance to turn around and to clamp his cock between her shanks. Then she presses his face into her...
  16. JulieSimone

    Nikki Sandal Removal - Soft Soles, Pink Toenails

    Video Update : Nikki Sebastian removes her fancy sandals after a slight tease to show off her super soft soles, her arches and her freshly polished hot pink toenails. Buy the clip at or get ALL My clips for one low price at
  17. tiny3

    crushed by to much weight

    Maybe he should make his experience with smaller girls :think2:
  18. Zonda

    Houses In Forest For Giantess HD

    Houses In Forest For Giantess HD HD Clip (1280x720) - Latina Giantess Natacha is a sexy, powerful and mean Goddess, she finds some ugly and pathetic houses of bug-men in the forest and decides to crush and flatten very well them with her sexy flat flip flops, she enjoys wiggling those sexy...
  19. D

    mature heels relax

    when a mature wife relax, while read her emails. Her heels will made marks on me.....and she was still reading here a little video 4 you
  20. slaveandy

    Ebony BBW Caramel's Foot Puppy

    Ms Caramel Dreams has found herself a little foot puppy to have clean her nasty, dirty flip flops. She makes him feverishly lick up all the dirt from her gross shoes and even gives her pup a little help with her own goddess spit as she humiliates him. FREE PREVIEW AVAILABLE HERE...