sandy simmers

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    I love boxing it is a great workout and wonderful stress reliever. I do not use an 100pd punching bag instead a use a 200 pd human punchbag. I'm all warmed up and ready to start throwing some serious blows. I command my slave to get undressed not even giving him time to get his clothes off...
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    Female Boxer-Ballbusting workout

    Time for my to go a few rounds on my human punching bag. I have my routine of right jab left jab right hook left hook then kick and knee him. Working on my combos definitely kicking his balls and every part of his body. One of the best Boxing Ballbusting workouts and I am just getting warmed...
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    Mistress Sandy Simmers extreme CBT&Ballbusting

    :bananavic"UrUr BALLS MUST DIE This is part3 of Psycho Nurse Sandy Loves cock&Ballbiting Slave as had a urethra exam with my steel Sounds. I still have not released the elasterater just yet. I torture his cock and balls with my sharp teeth a bit. Now, ur balls Must Die. Time to say Goodbye to...
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    Nurse Sandy Loves cock &Ball Biting

    If you love cock and ballbiting this one is worth checking out." I love the powerful feeling I get when I have a mans Cock & Balls trapped in between my teeth." Come check out free preview for todays update"Psycho Nurse Sandy Loves Cock& Ball Biting" @
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    Ball Crushing HandJob From sandy simmers video diary Slaves balls are in an acrylic toy I call the BALL CRUSHER. I slowly tighten the screws crushing his balls while I stroke his cock. I'm going to crush all of the filth out of your balls. Slaves cock is so hard he wants to...