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    Mistress Sarahs 46" inch ASS on Slave again... new video now!

    46" inch Fat Ass Mistress strikes back again - fully nude of course for viewers pleasure. Slave had to endure a lot - she used him like human furniture - sat on him, stood on him, dominated him... he could barely move under her full weight.. see for yourself :eyebrows: Find over 7 0 0...
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    Sarah's 46" inch ass in slaves face again ;) new clip!

    Fat Ass mistress was in bad mood -slave had to endure pain and punishment - Mistress Sarah was fully nude, slave suffered under her body weight Mistress used her soft, yet firm flash for facesitting, chestsitting and more.. Slave was not allowed to touch all that curves... Find 100s of...
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    46" Ass Sarahbigbutt - in your FACE again

    FAT ASS Mistress new FACESITTING session - nice POV! I was often asked to record more FACE SITTING videos - so - here is one - slave unmasked this time - had to "enjoy" my big fat nude ass and ..... right inside his face! 1920x1080p FULL HD Visit my STUDIO, find almost 7 0 0 HOT FAT...
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    46" Ass SarahBigButt - Upskirt -no panties

    Fat Ass Girl proudly presents her new short, tight dress with high heels - watch her walking around, fooling, proudly shaking what she's got - ends with hot striptease! 1920x1080p FULL HD 6 9 9 HOT FAT ASS and FAT FETISH VIDEOS online now! :bananavic VISIT ME Sarah
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    Sarah BIG BUTT Bellysitting, Human Furniture and more ;)

    Slave had to endure it all... Meanwhile Mistress Sarah has gained some weight -- this makes it even more "Uncomfy" for my poor pantyhose-slave :realfunny: Find this and lots of other FEMDOM FAT ASS FAT FETISH CLIPS in my store!
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    Mag jemand ne Story über Sarah BIG Butt schreiben?

    Hi, würd mich freuen wenn einer von Euch seine Fantasien, die er evtl. im Zusammenhang mit MIR hat, hier aufschreiben und hochladen würde :D Sarah
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    Sarah BIG Butt wrestles inflatable real doll boy

    Hi@all, here is are shots of one of my recent WRESTLING clips, watch me wrestling my cute -real life doll guy - clip will be online soon :) Meanwhile i offer over 5 1 8 HOT FAT ASS FETISH VIDEOS in my STORE!!
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    Sarah BIG Butt tramples pantyhose slave again

    Hi@all, long time, no see here :P but I am back, here a few stills from one of my latest trampling, femdom, domination video . I have gained some weight and my slave FELT it, be sure :matey: MEANWHILE I got over 5 1 8 VIDEOS in my store, all FETISH FUN!!
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    Sarah BIG BUTTs store This is my little store, meanwhile over 4 8 0 clips online. Help me improving my content, tell me what you would like me to do - what kind of fetish, femdom clips you want to see, what action I should perform. :evillaugh:moon: I like to abuse my slave, show...
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    Sarah, FAT ASS mistress, abuses pantyhose slave again..

    Watch your fav Fat ASs Mistress abusing her slave again - he had to wear used pantyhose over his face - he refused her orders - she decided hard punishment, used her lash, ass, whole weight - watch for yourself... :bugeyes: 1280x720p xvid
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    Sarah BIG BUTTS POV-Facesitting session

    I wanted to make that FACE SITTING SESSION really really special - so i was fully nude and got up and down on the camera - like i would do it right on Your Face - very hot POV- lots of (real deep) insights! - my FAT ASS from a very hot point of view!! :worship: Visit my Clips4Sale Store -...
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    Sarah BIG BUTT sexy upskirt pov clip!

    This time I wear a pretty sexy new dress - no panties -- i walk on my own little catwalk - and the camera got pretty nice "insights" of whats under my short dress ;) 1280x720p xvid HD VIDEO!!
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    Big Butt GIANTESS crushes toy trainstation!!

    Hi@all, did another funny BUTT CRUSH Session some days ago. Here are some preview-pics! Imagine you'd be the one gettin' crushed under my fat and heavy Ass!! :bugeyes::bugeyes: Whole clip is availablae in my store now!!
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    Nude BIG BUTT GIantess Sarah smothers Doll Boy

    Giantess Sarah took a bath, of course fully nude - her cute curly Doll Boy had to watch her... then she decides to smother him, fully nude as she was on the rim of her tub - very HOT POV!! 1280x720p HD Video! Find it inside my ClipStore ;)
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    Sarah, the BIG BUTT shoulder rider strikes again!

    I was in the mood to "jump" on my human horse again - he had to carry my whole weigth - on his shoulders, on his back... I really jumped on him - originally he should lift me to help cleaning the lamps.. but I enjoyed it being carried by him 1280x720p xvid RIDING BIG BUTT FEMDOM DOMINATION...
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    Giant Butt Sarah crushes ugly clown

    I was quite angry when I came home from work, I took some heavy boots, a hammer and my Big Butt to crush something... and I found a really really ugly clown from my childhood collection.. I crushed him to pieces :bananadan
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    Steht jemand auf etwas DICKERE Hintern hier?

    Hi, viele kennen mich wohl bereits. Wer mich nicht kennt Ich bin Sarah, hab vor Jahren meine Neigung zu diversen Fetischspielarten wie Dollcrush, Buttcrush, Facesitting, Foodcrush entdeckt. Nun möchte ich kurz wissen ob es noch Männer gibt, die auf etwas DICKERE Hinterteile und proppere Bodies...
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    Giant FAT ASS clenches and pinches little toy guys

    hi@all, Watch the FAT ASS Queen clenching her Fat Ass Cheeks and pinching little dolls between them. I pressed them deep between my Fat Buttocks, they almost vanished!! After that a nice butt crush session followed!! high quality 1280x720p Videoclip! Find almost 3 0 0 Fat Ass Fetish Clips here
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    Sarah BIG Butts - new Strap-on Teaser ;)

    Watch me, sexy dressed with nice high heels and black overknees. I was in a funny mood so I took my brandnew- shiny dildo, attached it to my strap-on and had some fun imagining I would be a horny guy ,-) 1280x720p Videoclip!! Find this and almost 3 0 0 Fat Ass Fetish Clips here
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    Sarah BIG Butt tramples/wrestles poor guy1

    Watch me the fearless BIG BUTT wrestleking ,-) I easily dominated my male opponent, he was forced into submission under my weight. I used several fantasy-wrestling-moves I could remember from watching /WWF back in the days, even facescissors ;) 1280x720p Find 100s of Sarah BIG BUTTs clips...