1. jgrass1

    <<Irish's Schoolgirl Smother Stool<<

    Irish has had a long day at school and she just wants to sit and stare at her phone for a while. Luckily, she has a wonderful chair at home with a lovely attachment just for resting....Dottie's Face! Irish plops down in the chair and rests her sneakers onto Dottie's gagged face (wouldn't want...
  2. JulieSimone

    Lori Adorable Mouthsoaping in School Uniform

    Mouthsoaping Lori Adorable - Lori Adorable keeps leaving her dildos on the kitchen sink and Julie Simone is tired of it. Lori has two choices - find another apartment (which is hell in NYC), or submit to a very thorough mouthsoaping. Lori, who is dressed in her school uniform with pigtails and...
  3. L

    Amber Chase upskirt thread

    . more to come of course, of the leggy Ms. Chase. this cap is from a recent school-uniform seduction clip... .
  4. JulieSimone

    Scoled & Spanked Schoolgirl - TRAILER

    Nikki Sebastian is in serious need of discipline! Julie Simone calls Nikki into her office for a spanking. Nikki is bratty and protests the entire time but Ms Simone is determined to spank that bad attitude out of Nikki. She starts off over Nikki’s uniform, then lifts up her skirt to spank her...
  5. JulieSimone

    Schoolgirl Spanked by her Stepmother! sample clip + pics

    Deanna Deadly is a punk rock schoolgirl who doesn't care about authority. Redhead Julie Simone is her stepmother determined to make her shape up! Julie takes Deanna over her knee and administers a strict over the knee spanking with her bare hand over Deanna's skirt, then over her slutty...
  6. B

    Sayaka's bloody plan

    [Disclaimer: this story is plain fiction. It focuses on belly punching and trampling ending with bloody results. If you do not like that kind of material please do not read it. I am new writer please forgive my poor writing skills.] Part I: Riki is a third year student at East Takano High...
  7. slaveandy

    Lily Anna's Trample Tease

    Princess Lily Anna is so happy to see she has her first carpet to break in. She sensually teases her carpet slave with her gorgoues feet before stepping all over his pathetic squishy body. She starts in heels to properly mark her new carpet, then she tenderizes his flabby tummy with her sexy...
  8. E

    Ballbusting and Smothering the Dean in Detention

    Kirra Lynne is a ballbusting schoolgirl who smothers and humiliates her horny dean at detention! Check out more ballbusting torture at Ballbusting Pornstars! Email me anytime: :)
  9. E

    ISIS TAYLOR - Teen Schoolgirl Pornstar Ballkicking and Facesitting Female Domination

    Isis Taylor is a sexy schoolgirl who was studying for her midterm exam when a masked wanker entered her room and began stroking his cock while staring at her ass! She caught him jacking off in her room and began busting his balls! Watch more school girl ballbusting at...
  10. E

    Scarlett Pain - The Lollipop Schoolgirl Ballbusts and Cockbiting the Flasher

    At, we constantly try to achieve new heights of perversion. Our latest ballbusting movie features Scarlett Pain, which begins when her neighbor pays her a visit to give her a lollipop while masturbating under his robe. He exposes his cock and balls to her...
  11. E

    Ballbusting and Femdom Cockbiting By Schoolgirl Wearing Glasses

    Veronica Jett performs some twisted ballbusting and penis biting after discovering a naked voyeur who was jacking off in her closet. Enjoy the picture gallery, and feel free to email me if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions at ! Cheers...