1. brazilfeet

    Mary Luthay Scissors And Smother Pt.1

    Mary Luthay Scissors And Smother Pt.1 Gorgeous Mary Luthay is known as a merciless Goddess and always teach a hard lesson to her obedient slaves. Today her target is Lolinha. GREAT SCENES OF: SCISSORHOLD, LESBIAN AND SMOTHER!!!
  2. Furetto

    Smothering and Leg Scissor Punishment (Fetish Obsession for the lack of breath)

    Video available at Fetish Obsession There are several ways to take the breath away from a man in a satisfactory manner. In a long session with Divine Diana we have experienced a few tortures. In this first part Diana's target is the...
  3. S

    Stella Vs Janelle: Stella's Revenge (Foot Choked)

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  4. S

    Lock that Reverse Headscissor

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  5. S

    Competitive Headscissors Fight with Knockouts

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  6. Fcushion

    Real Life Facesitting and Trampling

    My fav was past couple of weeks ago we went on a weekend stay to a casino, and stayed at the hotel. Well when we can back from having some fun at the casino my wife asked me to get to bed that she had a surprise. So I got into bed just boxers on, she went into the bathroom think she was going to...
  7. M

    Bijou Steal assasinates James Bond

    . Without further ado, I'll present the free preview for... For Her Thighs Only... As scissoring female assassin Bijou Steal engages in a deadly duel with James Bond .007. Yah, it has a happy ending. OmXNY2OCm_8 (We'll post periodic updates against the possibility this clip is...
  8. E

    Broken Shower? Use your tongue!

    Mistress returns home from the gym all sweaty, and salty. All that she can think of is a refreshing shower. However, soon she finds out that her shower hasn't been fixed yet. Her slave-boy has been a lazy bastard watching tv so Mistress confronts him and forces him to use his tongue and mouth as...