1. Furetto

    Smothering and Leg Scissor Punishment (Fetish Obsession for the lack of breath)

    Video available at Fetish Obsession There are several ways to take the breath away from a man in a satisfactory manner. In a long session with Divine Diana we have experienced a few tortures. In this first part Diana's target is the...
  2. S

    Stella Vs Janelle: Stella's Revenge (Foot Choked)

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  3. S

    Lock that Reverse Headscissor

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  4. S

    Competitive Headscissors Fight with Knockouts

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  5. Fcushion

    Real Life Facesitting and Trampling

    My fav was past couple of weeks ago we went on a weekend stay to a casino, and stayed at the hotel. Well when we can back from having some fun at the casino my wife asked me to get to bed that she had a surprise. So I got into bed just boxers on, she went into the bathroom think she was going to...
  6. M

    Bijou Steal assasinates James Bond

    . Without further ado, I'll present the free preview for... For Her Thighs Only... As scissoring female assassin Bijou Steal engages in a deadly duel with James Bond .007. Yah, it has a happy ending. OmXNY2OCm_8 (We'll post periodic updates against the possibility this clip is...
  7. E

    Broken Shower? Use your tongue!

    Mistress returns home from the gym all sweaty, and salty. All that she can think of is a refreshing shower. However, soon she finds out that her shower hasn't been fixed yet. Her slave-boy has been a lazy bastard watching tv so Mistress confronts him and forces him to use his tongue and mouth as...