1. FemdomFights

    Sheila Rock Dominates Duncan - Mixed Wrestling

    Extreme muscle domination! Sheila Rock declares that she will make Duncan tap, but she does much more than that. The powerhouse FBB Sheila rocks Duncan's world! She squeezes him tightly in scissors, overpowers him and dominates him with incredible strength. Duncan turns red from the pressure as...
  2. FemdomFights

    Frankie Z Beats Up Darrius - Scissorhold

    Another one from the lost Frankie Z tapes: Darrius suffers in Frankie's scissors! Female domination custom. Clip and screenshot gallery on -
  3. FemdomFights

    Frankie Z Scissors Domination

    Frankie Z is looking for a scissor slave! One sided female domination See it on
  4. FemdomFights

    Skylar Humilates Darrius! Scissor Domination

    Skylar Humilates Darrius! Scissor Domination Things have only gotten worse for Darrius. He starts off on his knees BEGGING for Skylar Rene not to tell anyone of his defeat. His foolish pride also refuses to admit that Skylar is stronger than him, and now a wrestling match is on. She quickly...
  5. FemdomFights

    Andrea's Scissor Revenge

    Andrea is pissed that Darrius sucker punched and dominated her after her first boxing video vs Duncan, and she wants to see how Darrius does handling her scissors. She puts him through various painful squeezes and scissor holds, to prove he is not a pussy for beating her up with a surprise...
  6. A

    Amazon Annie and Minxy Li Pantyhose Pin

    Amazon Annie's Bodacious Adventures: Pantyhose Pin Style Amazon Annie, 6 ft and 200 lbs, challenges her smaller, yet feisty friend Minxy Li to a pin style wrestling match, in the spirit of 70's amateur wrestling. Both girls don their very shiny, very slippery nude nylons and thong...
  7. A

    Amazon Annie Bodacious Butt

    Amazon Annie's Clips for Sale Store! http:// http:// "This is 200lbs crushing on yer face crushing down." Is what Amazon Annie tells her poor male victim as she puts him in a frontwards, head triangle. Annie predominantly...
  8. C

    What's the best pantyhose mixed headscissors sites

    Anyone help? Love scissors but love them more in pantyhose!
  9. elegantbarefeet

    Meet Nikki Fierce in LA foot party 1-11-13

    stay tuned for our new store...
  10. H

    Ariel X Vicious Scissors Domination

    Ariel X comes in ready for a session with Mark, but finds him covered in bruises. He didn't want to wait for her, so he saw someone else. Ariel isn't happy about that, and isn't about to show an already banged up and sore Mark any mercy. She puts his head between her thighs and starts to squeeze...
  11. H


    Test test scissors
  12. maxsgpin

    Thanks to new forum Wrestling! Max SGPIN here!

    Thanks so much to this great idea: The wrestling, scissoring, feet domination in speciall forum. Probably remember me, long time ago I was off sgpin fs pleasures but I'm here with new projects this summer. Soon, will come into Barcelona our strong sexy powerful females to fight, sit, scissor...
  13. M

    Ath313 : Chiara touring in paris (Athena2)

    Chiara is in Paris for very few days. A friend of her calls Wedge to take her visit Champs Elysées, Tour Eiffel, Montmartre... As soon as she comes, he tries to take advantage of the situation. But Chiara is taller and bigger than him, so she will get the upper hand and toy with him.
  14. W

    Cute blonde face sits

    Cute blonde facesits topless. After a half hour of head scissors domination she decides it's time to facesit and smother him. Trish for Shefightz. courtesy