shoe fetish

  1. PSarah

    Sarah Diavola - black leather boots

    BLACK LEATHER BOOTS If you don't get an erection from seeing, smelling, hearing, and tasting leather boots, you will after participating in this video. I'm about to give you a boot fetish or strengthen your existing one. My words describe just what turns men on about thigh high, leather...
  2. normbob

    'Her Majesty Erika', from Femdom Dreams

    Hi everybody, ERIKA is without a doubt among the most gorgeous representatives of royalty on earth. In this clip, this french Giantess (6'2" of dominant beauty) orders the sub-slave to worship her high heel shoes by kissing and licking those objects of desire. Then he's granted the sublime...
  3. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - It Starts with a Fetish

    IT STARTS WITH A FETISH It starts with a fetish......and it ends with Me wrecking your life. It seems benign at first, to chase the rush. It's intoxicating to get lost in My charms, My beauty, My erotic skills, My command of your fetish. I step on your body with the expensive heels you...
  4. S

    Teased by Rainbow Flip Flops

    Teased by Rainbow Flip Flops You love seeing me in my favorite rainbow flip flops and I'm feeling rather generous... watch as a I stretch my soles, flip my thongs, snapping them loudly as I walk. You can't help but lust over these stappy flip flops as you catch a glimpse of the bottom of my...
  5. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Boot Brain

    BOOT BRAIN My leather boots make you weak and at My mercy. I could tell you to take your own ear off and eat it, and you would do it under the spell of these boots. Boot licker. Sole sucker. All for Me. All for Goddess. Listen to the leather scrunch and squeak. Start jerking. I see what...
  6. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Milked by Heels

    MILKED BY HEELS Captured by a community of Femme Fatales, you may as well relinquish yourself to your fate. The cock that makes you an inferior human is trapped under My heels, pulled through a hole in My table. I do not care what happens to you after this, or what brought you here in the...
  7. highboots

    Lick My Shoes

    Dana relaxes in the terrace. Then she goes to the kitchen. She sits down and puts her feet on the slave who is under the table. Dana lets him worship her pumps. He has to lick soles of her shoes too. Later she commands him to lie down to kiss her soles. In the end she takes off her pumps and she...
  8. manchilled

    Celeb Shoe Soles

    Always a thrill coming across these, especially well used shoe soles. Who else agrees?
  9. Vinylqueen

    Trampleguy Is A Human Shoe Tree

    I have some time this morning as my traveling partner is in a session presently. For those who don't know, I'm in London until tomorrow. Then I head to Belgium to see some long-time fans who got to know me on THIS very forum: feettoesniffer and another gentleman from The Netherlands. Anyhow...
  10. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Flats Fapper

    FLATS FAPPER It's time to throw these away. Who wants My stinky garbage flats? One Woman's nasty flats is another man's holy grail! Look at the insides, how worn they are - you can see where My soles have rubbed over the insides, for YEARS. It is obvious that these are well past their prime...
  11. normbob

    'Nylons foot worship' from Femdom Dreams

    Hi everybody, ERIKA, the Unique french Mistress (6'2" of dominant beauty) has her shoes and her fantastic feet in nylons worshipped while she's reading her favorite book. First the slave kisses and licks her size 10 high heel sandals running his tongue all over those objects of desire. Then...
  12. normbob

    'Foot worship after work' from Femdom Dreams

    Hi everybody, In this clip the fabulous SCARLET uses her foot slave to relax after a day of hard work at the office. You can watch Scarlet's dominant sensuality while she has her shoes, socks and feet worshipped by another sub-male in the clip "Foot worship after work" at my Femdom Dreams c4s...
  13. highboots

    Worship of Pumps under Table

    Madame Verona relaxes outside with her feet in black pumps on the table. When she comes inside, she sits down to the table. Madame lets her slave who is under the table worship her pumps and feet. Finally she orders him to take her shoes off and she puts her soles on his face...
  14. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Cock Destruction is on the Table

    COCK DESTRUCTION IS ON THE TABLE This little bitch told Us that We could do anything We wanted with him, and We are holding him to it! We've got him trapped under Our cock table and his dick is stuck in the hole, completely exposed to Our devious desires. We are ravenous with sadism and the...
  15. highboots

    Madame Needs to Lick Her Boots

    Madame Rachel commands her slave to lick her leather boots. First of all he has to lick soles of her boots. She also sticks her boots into his mouth and he has to suck them. As soon as her boots are perfectly clean she sends him to his place.
  16. highboots

    Shine My Boots

    Madame Rachel stands on step-ladder to looks for nail file. Then she takes a seat. Once she sees a guy she calls to him and orders him to shine her luxury boots. In a minute she kicks off his shoe cloth and orders him to lick her stunning boots
  17. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Wedge Weenie

    WEDGE WEENIE Wedge sandals get your weenie wound up, don't they? I know. That's why it's so easy to make you melt into a puddle of mush. So get down there, boy, and revel in the pleasure I'm allowing you to have with this short worship. Do you want to cum? Will I let you? I love wedges...
  18. highboots

    Cleaning Suede Boots

    Larisa lolls around in bed. Then she comes to make coffee. She looks for something above using step-ladder. As soon as she sights a guy sleeping she wakes him up with her boot and orders him to clean her suede boots. After that he has to bring her cup of coffee and serves her as a footstool...
  19. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Dummy Under the Desk 2

    DUMMY UNDER THE DESK 2 What would it be like to crouch quietly under My desk, while I edit sexy clips right above you? Looking up at My high heels, dangling, clapping, kicking, fidgeting, arching,'s heaven. It's all you can do not to reach out and lick them. But you must...
  20. highboots

    Penelope's Boots

    Penelope comes to make a cup of tea. She browses her diary on the sofa. After that she notices that her brown boots would need to clean, so she rings up a boot cleaner to come to clean her boots. Finally he has to kiss her boots.